Friday, November 9, 2012

What a pain in the butt!

I woke up feeling pretty miserable this morning. I have a problem with a pain in my butt…ha…and my hip on my left side. I’m not totally sure what it is, but it has hurt for YEARS and gets worse when I am more active.

It was the worst it has ever been this morning. It hurt to walk, hurt to sit, hurt to bend down. Ouch!

I spent some quality time with the foam roller and that helped alleviate the pain. I could at least walk, sit and bend down again. It still ached a bit, but a little more foam rolling should help that.

I HIGHLY recommend a foam roller. They just do wonders to sore muscles. It’s a little weird asking my husband if he will massage my butt for me…lol. So the foam roller is nice! Winking smile

For breakfast, I ate oatmeal with peaches. Lots of peaches because there was just the amount left in the bowl where it wasn’t enough to keep them in the fridge but a little more than I would normally eat. You know what I mean. I also had milk.

11912 001

I sipped on my coffee with creamer while working.

11912 002

Check out what I got in the mail today:

11912 003

Wanna know how much that cost me? $9.99! Yep, that’s it! All of that tea and a tea kettle for $9.99, thanks to Sara for informing me of it! I don’t think I’ll keep the tea kettle because there is no way to open it up and clean it. Weird. Still a good deal on the tea though and I’ll just sell the kettle and make some money on it anyways.

On my break, I ate some almonds and a light string cheese.

11912 004

For lunch, I ate an egg salad (1 egg, 2 egg whites and light Miracle Whip) sandwich with baby carrots.

11912 005

I also ate an apple with peanut butter.

11912 006

And then it was time to get some work done for job #2.

Before working, I made some of this:

11912 007

It’s 4 points plus for a whole serving, but I used 1 Tbs. of the mix and it tasted just fine. Only 1 point plus that way!

11912 008

It was nice to have something warm to sip on while working. I got done what I needed to and then called it quits!

I was not in the mood to work out today, but I did it anyways.

I completed Workout B, which was a combination of strength moves and cardio followed by an optional 15-20 minutes of cardio. I biked 3.4 miles in 15 minutes after Workout B. Total workout time was 53 minutes and I burned 285 calories.

Here’s my HR (by % of max):


You can see where those cardio intervals are!

A little more data:



Overall the workout put me in the very light workout category which is good for overall health and recovery. That’s as far as my heart goes, I suppose. I was also strengthening muscles.

In the more intense portions of the workout (which weren’t all that intense) it put me in the light and moderate zones which improves aerobic fitness, basic endurance and fat burning. Very interesting to me! You can read about it here.

I am still loving my Garmin Forerunner 110. It is so much better than the Polar HR monitor that I used for years. So worth the money!

After that workout, I was starting to feel the pain in my butt again. (hubby got home about that time, I wonder if the two are correlated—JUSTTTT KIDDING)…So I spent some more time with my foam roller.

My body is just a cracking and a popping all over the place. REALLY loud too. Kind of weird. Anyone else experience this after your upping exercise?

That means I have two more workouts to get in all 6 workouts this week. In all honesty, I don’t think I’ll be able to get two workouts in over the weekend, although I will try.

With my butt/hip hurting like it is, I’m not sure I should run the Intervals B workout. Although, I guess I could bike the Intervals B workout. Now there’s a thought.

And now I’m going to wish you a good weekend and sign out for the night! Hubby and I are going out for supper and I will undoubtedly use a few weekly points.

I’ve been trying to only allow myself one dinner out a week, or one kind of “splurge” meal, although that doesn’t really describe it correctly because I still watch my portions and watch what I’m eating. It’s not a free for all by any means. Maybe just a meal that’s more in the 20%, if you know what I mean. We need to be on track 80% of the time.

It’s more like a meal where I allow myself to eat something maybe I wouldn’t eat 7 days a week. Make sense? It’s more of a limit to myself than anything and it’s a relatively new concept for me. It seems to work for me mentally.

I have felt more in control lately. More “sane” with my eating habits. No crazy chocolate binges or scouring the cupboards for food. I’m starting to think that these healthy practices are starting to become habit. Now I’m not going to start to think I have it conquered, because we all know that will always be a struggle for me, but right now, I’m feeling pretty good about being healthy. Now if my weight would follow suit!

All for now! Have a good weekend!


  1. It's great to allow yourself some indulgences so you don't start feeling resentful that you "can't have" some things from time to time. You sure seem to be doing really good lately, and I hope the scale catches up! Do you think you have sciatic nerve pain? That's what kept coming to my mind when you described things.

  2. Yummm I totally want some apples and peanut butter now!! And oatmeal I might have that for breakfast if I can remember in the morning! LOL Hope your pain in the butt goes away !! haha

  3. Healthy healthy! You're doing great!

    Rubber foam? I need to get me one of those!

  4. I hope your bum feels better soon.

    GREAT eats. I love seeing the pics of what you eat because you always have some delicious, healthy stuff goin' into your tummy.

    Keep up the most excellent work, girlie!

  5. my PAIN IN THE BUTT was piriformis.
    let me know if I can help....

  6. Ug. Hate those pains in the butt. Yay you for pushing through and getting the workout in. Have a great week Alissa.



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