Sunday, December 2, 2012

#THB5K Participants Post!

We had 86 participants (AND two dogs!) in the THB5K this year! I am very happy with that number, we fell just short of the goal of 100 participants. But 86 is FABULOUS!  That’s 33 more participants than last year!

I am so proud of each and every one of you who made it a priority to get out there and get active on Thanksgiving!

I want to make a special shout out to MarathonMom28, who reported the fastest time at 19:43! Congrats!!

Here are the 5K participants in the order that they came in. Take a look at all of you!! Smile

Crafty Loser: Walked a little over 3.1 miles in 1 hour. This was her first time participating in the THB5K and had never walked around the lake three times before today!



Angie: Ran a 5K in 25:32 with her friend Shane. This is my sister, and she has participated each year (that she knew about it)!


Mabelle N: 5K in 50:26.


Chubby McGhee: Completed an organized 5K in 44:25 and is planning on doing more after this race.

Sarah: Here is Sarah with her brother, mom and dad. They walked farther than a 5k (probably more like 4 miles) in 1hour 3minutes.


Michele: Participated in her school district's "Turkey Trot for Education" 5K race. It was the first official 5K she has ever run and she did the whole thing without stopping to walk once! She ran with her coworker.


Me and Hubby: We ran the Feet to Feast 5K in Palm Coast, Florida. It was a great race! Our time was 37:23, which is great for me!

Florida 027

Sara Weber: Completed the Turkey Trot 2012 in Eau Claire, WI with her friend Carrie Brunner. The race was 5 miles and they completed it in 1:15:37. Next year, they hope to bring along their older daughters.

turkey trot 2012

Sara Wendt: Completed 5 miles in 48:34, keeping up a 9:43/mile pace. She recruited her husband to run with her and four little ones to run the fun run!


Elisabeth Hillier: Ran the first annual Bootcamp Chicks Turkey Trot with her friends and family. Her son and hubby joined her for the first mile. She completed this even thought she is not crazy about running, but running helped me take off 60lbs!


Allison: Completed a Turkey Trot in Lansing, MI with four others. Her time was 27:44, which was a personal best!


DebsDailyLife: Completed a 5k in 50:03!


Traci: Completed her 5k in under 48 minutes!


Ashlee: Completed the 5K at 3.5 mph with a 7.5% incline and was done in 53 minutes. She recently had her first baby and is working her way back to her pre-baby fitness level. She has participated in every THB5K!


Susan: Completed her 5K on the treadmill in 41:31. She also had a great idea for next year’s 5k…but it’ll be our little secret for now!


Leah: Completed her 5K in 29:14, which was her new PR! She also talked one of her friends in Arizona into running. My favorite part, this was the first time in 14 years that she exercised on Thanksgiving!! BRAVO!



Suzanne: She and her husband ran this together on the beach. What a beautiful setting! They finished it in 42:46.


Betta: Her son rode his bike while she ran for the first mile and then she completed the rest of her 5K by herself in 36 minutes total. This is my sister-in-law!

DSC_0327 copy

Amanda: She and her boyfriend, Brandon, ran a 5K in 33:41 on a hilly route. This was her first THB5K and is looking forward to doing it again next year!


Lori (Finding Radiance): Did her 5K in 2 installments. She and her husband John powerwalked for 2 miles in the morning and then after dinner they recruited her sister and one of her daughters to go out on another walk to do the rest. They did a total of probably 3.5 miles on the day. Total time was 60 minutes (give or take).


MarathonMom28: She had the fastest time!! WAY TO GO!!!Completed her 5k in 19:43, which is a new PR for her!


Morgan: Participated in a Race Against Hunger 5k with her my Mom and Sister-in-Law. She finished in 54m and 49s which was under her goal of 1hr.


Kathryn: Ran the Lifetime Turkey Day 5K in Minneapolis with her sister. She set a new PR of 26:25! Great job!




Jen: Walked with her husband and daughter.


Penny: Ran her 5k in 27:21!


Erin: Erin recruited her boyfriend to run. She finished in 30:23 and he finished in 29:23. She said it made them feel better after eating a heavy meal.


Kim: Kim walked 3.24 miles, Schrodinger's Cat walked .1 mile and Slugger sat on the chair and supervised. :)


Mary, Julia, Deborah (sisters): Mary set a new PR with, 27:35. Julia ran it in 29 minutes. Deborah ran it in 34 minutes.


Brenda: This was her second year participating, she did it in 2010 and missed last year. She walked/jogged the 5k in 40 minutes. “It made me feel so good to have completed this before eating and helped make me more mindful of my food choices.” Love that!


Tayla: finished the 5k in 31:25, which was a new PR!


Jessica: She recruited her two dogs to go along with her. Pets need exercise too!


Natalie: Finished in 38:15!


Vickie: She finished in 40:36 and 15th in her age group of 57 people! way to go!


Amy: She completed the 5k with her daughter and stepdaughter. Amy’s time was 35:13! The 5k benefited a local girl who is battling cancer.

photo 1

photo 2

Stacy: Completed 5 miles!


Kim (Just) Trying is for Little Girls: Finished in 29:46. This is her second year participating in the THB5K!


Ahnekki: Completed the 5k in 54 minutes!


Jessica: Completed a 5k AND a Jazzercise class!


Daphne: Walked and jogged to finish in 53:20.

5k race shoes

Julie: Completed a 4 mile race for the homeless with her sister.


Heather: Heather ran a 5k, while pushing her son in a stroller, in 26:40. She then dropped him off at home and ran a 10k in 51:17! Rock star! I love this pic of her drinking her post run smoothie. Smile


April: Walked the 5k with her son in 50:09!


Jury- Diet Chick on a mission: Finished her 5k in 37:15! Great job!


Jenna: She and her husband ran the 5k in 38:21! Great job, you two!


Emily: She recruited her Mom and finished the 5k in 46:48! She improved her time over last year’s turkey trot by over 3 minutes!! That’s great!


GREAT job everyone!!

If I happened to miss you, please shoot me at email at With the greater number of people involved this year, I want to make sure I didn’t miss anyone by accident before I draw the winners! You have until Monday evening to let me know!

Winners will be announced on Tuesday!! Stay tuned!


  1. Yay for all of us being so active. Thanks for organizing this, Alissa.

  2. Oh my gosh, all of those pictures just made me smile! how cool is it to see all those active women one after the other with smiles on their faces! LOVE IT! Awesome job hosting and totally wish I would have signed lazy of me! Next year for sure! Very cool that ya did this, so hats off to ya!

  3. BIG Congrats to all!! And hats off to you for pulling this together Alissa. Have a great day.

  4. We all rock!! Congrats to all :)

  5. I actually finished in 43:20! Haha! I must have screwed that up when I emailed it in :) Yay for all of the winners and everyone who ran!

  6. Great post. So fun to see everyone who participated. :-)



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