Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fitness Test (Pre Bootcamp) #BestBodyBootcamp

My second round of Best Body Bootcamp begins tomorrow! I’m excited to get back into exercising again…errr… aren’t I? YES! Winking smile

This round, Tina suggested we take a fitness test before Bootcamp begins, we will take another one half way through and another at the end.

Here are the results of my pre-Bootcamp fitness test. They’re kind of pitiful after not exercising…basically since the last round ended!

Low body wall squat (hold as long as possible)- 1:02

Push ups- on toes (as many in 1 minute): 19- keep in mind I can’t do FULL push ups, but doing halves is more of a challenge than doing them on my knees, so I went with that.

Plank hold- on toes (hold as long as possible): 22 seconds

Burpees (as many in 1 minute): 16

Cardiovascular fitness test- at a pace faster than normal- my comfortable pace is 5 mph. (6 mph run as long as possible): 2:30 (.25 mile)

Thoughts on current results:

I sort of felt like my head wasn’t in the game tonight. I think that will improve as I start to work out and develop my determination and confidence again. I need to have more determination to make myself keep going. I think I really could have run longer than 2:30. I was tired, for sure, but I think I could have pushed myself further.

I hope to see improvements in all areas! Most especially, I’d love to be able to run an entire mile at 6 mph!

Wish me luck tomorrow, as I begin my 2nd round of the 8 week Bootcamp!


  1. You got this! You will progress quickly as you get back into it.

  2. I can't wait to follow your progress! I'm sure you're going to rock it!

  3. Your results look good to me because I know how badly I would have done. I'll bet you will be so much better at the half way mark and then at the end. Exciting!

  4. You'll do great, Alissa. You always love your exercising!



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