Saturday, January 26, 2013

VitaPizza Review

How many times has pizza been a stumbling block along your weight loss journey?

For myself, more times than I can count!

That’s why the VitaPizza is such a diet-saver!

The VitaPizza is made by Vitalicious--the same company that makes the ever delicious AND diet friendly VitaTops.

The all-natural VitaPizza is a single-serving, frozen pizza with just 190 calories. It has a unique, thin and crispy crust and just the right amount of toppings to satisfy pizza cravings without the guilt. Vitalicious has slashed half of the calories and 70% of the fat.

I follow Weight Watchers, so with 3g of fat, 38g carbs, 19g fiber, and 15g of protein, I was happy eating a pizza with only 5 points plus! With most other pizzas, you’re lucky if you can find a SLICE of pizza for 5 points plus.

VitaPizza 009

Vitalicious sent me VitaPizzas to try for my honest opinion.

There were two flavors: Meatless Pepperoni Supreme

VitaPizza 001

and Cheese & Tomato.

VitaPizza 002

The instructions are simple. You can cook the pizzas in the microwave, toaster oven, or conventional oven. I took the conventional oven route—but these would be easy to take to work and cook in the microwave.

VitaPizza 003

The pizza is packaged with a special tray for cooking in the microwave.

VitaPizza 007

Otherwise, you just pop it in the oven on the rack! Simple.

VitaPizza 008

And you get this (Cheese & Tomato):

VitaPizza 010

Hubby and I ate half of each pizza to try out the flavors. Here is the Meatless Pepperoni Supreme.

VitaPizza 012

Neither hubby or I like peppers. So the Meatless Pepperoni Supreme didn’t really have very good chances with us! So it wasn’t our favorite. But we ate it—and it wasn’t too bad!

But the Cheese & Tomato—Oh my! This was SO good. I love the thin and crispy crust; the flavor and texture were very pleasing. I would definitely buy this flavor!

We were each able to eat one single serve pizza each, paired with a vegetable and it was the perfect lunch. We were full when we were done eating and completely satisfied. It sure didn’t feel like I was on a diet!

Pop on over to the VitaPizza website and check it out for yourself! Go here to find out where you can buy the VitaPizza locally.

Now you can eat pizza and still stay on track with your weight loss goals!

You’re welcome! Smile


  1. I hope they start carrying that here soon. Pizza is a stumbling block to me, at least mentally, once a week or more often!!! Ugh. I read a review on another site the other day, also a good review, and now I'm really excited for them to hurry and carry them here! :)

  2. Oh I must try this!! My husband and I LOVE pizza! Thanks for the review!

  3. Pizza is a tough one for me too and these look really yummy! Even less calories (if I remember correctly) and look way bigger than some of the frozen meal pizzas you can buy from brands like lean cuisine. I wish we had a store here that sold these though :-( I checked out the website and was bummed to see that they only sell the pizzas in huge packs of $60 and $70. WAY too spendy for me, especially when I can't try one first. Bummer!

    1. Once they hit the stores, you will be able to buy individual ones for about $6 or less. :) I was disappointed to go to the website, too! LOL

  4. Dang you..... Now... I MUST HAVE THIS :p
    I hope it's available locally and not just via the web
    Off to Google search!!!

  5. Pizza is my all time fav food. Pizza I don't have to feel any guilt over eating sounds great!

  6. Hi Alissa, my old blog was called weigh too less. I got pregnant and fell off the wagon for sometime. So I took of the blog and started afresh. I was following your blog back then so added you again. I am glad to read that you are still going strong :)




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