Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh in day postponed…

Hello everyone! No weigh in today because we had a snowstorm and I have been staying in the town that I work in—no scale. Which I’m not that disappointed about…

I’m glad to be starting a new week. I must make better choices this week. I haven’t raided the vending machine the past couple of days—so that’s good!

I tracked everything I ate today—for better or for worse. I went out for supper to Olive Garden with my parents tonight. I felt like I made good choices but I still ate more points than I needed to—but it’s all counted.

I have actually been dining out with my parents for the past couple of weeks. It beats being alone and since my parents are in town—it has been nice. The first week I was totally in control and lost a good amount of weight (almost 2 lbs.) that week, so it’s possible to eat out for suppers and lose weight. I try to make good choices and I think I’m good at it usually.

It’d be pretty nice if I get home and weigh in on Friday morning and see a loss…but we will see! I feel like every day I have done a little better than the last but still not perfect. I’m just upset that I let TOM get me off track when I was doing so well…and then it’s hard to get back into the routine.

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to “eat clean” for a period of time. I think I’m going to give it a try but be a little lenient with myself. I know it’s something I want to do for health eventually, so why not just give it a try? This won’t start until next Friday—so that will give me some time to stock up on the right foods and get rid of the things I won’t be eating much of.

Another thing—one of these days I will be back to working at home and I cannot wait. I kind of miss taking photos of my food and I know that helps me a lot! It’s hard to do that when I’m at the office all day. Not impossible, but harder.

So I guess that’s my little update. I’m not very inspiring. But there ya have it.

How is your week going?


  1. Clean Eating will make you feel so much better... hope you give it a try...and cut out the sugars....the difference is life changing.
    All the best....always reading...

  2. It's great that you track all your food, even if it's over the daily budget for the day. Way to be accountable!!

    I'm in the middle of a week of no sugar/grains to kind of detox (thinking of your clean eating trial) it's a little rough, but I don't crave junk or sweets as much. So, I'm looking forward to adding back in the whole grains and fruits and getting back to losing. (I didn't recover well from holidays.)

  3. You have one thing wrong Alissa, you ARE inspiring!!! You are honest, persistent and successful!!! Have a goo dThursday.

  4. I was thinking of trying some weekly challenges for myself, changing the challenge each week. One of my weeks I was thinking of going LESS processed, like Roni says, not NO processed. I know it can be done, but in this world processed crap is everywhere! Anyway, I think it would be a good idea, for sure. Best of luck with it if you chose to do it.



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