Monday, January 7, 2013

Would you believe it?

Today is the first day of Best Body Bootcamp and I have run out of time for my workout!

I had the day off today to get the house cleaned and supper prepared for a dinner for 6 guests tonight. I literally spent the ENTIRE day cleaning and getting ready. Maybe I should keep my house sparkling clean 24/7 so this isn’t such an issue…lol.

But I feel good about the house—everything is in order and looking good. That’s a great feeling! I did a deep cleaning. Lots of moving around, so even if I didn’t do my official workout, I’m sure I was still burning some calories.

Kind of sad that I have to use the first day of the program as my weekly “rest day”. ha.

I also have a healthy dinner ready. I made a beef stew for supper, which I doubled the veggies in. My friend is bringing cornbread as a side and I also made a lettuce salad.

For dessert, we are having Pumpkin Spice cupcakes made with a can of pumpkin and cake mix. They are topped with Cool Whip frosting (Love this!).

I have all of the points figured! 4 points for the stew, 3 points for the corn bread, probably 1 point for the salad (with dressing), and 6 points for the cupcake.

I put all of the points in my tracker this morning, and even after counting breakfast, lunch, and supper I still have 8 points left! Whoohoo!

This is just one of those days you have to “roll with the punches”. I think I’m rolling pretty well!

First workout will be tomorrow morning!

Now I best get myself showered and presentable before the guests arrive!


  1. You definitely would have some activity calories burned is you were moving furniture around and doing that much cleaning. Have a nice dinner. sounds yummy.

  2. I love the feeling of getting the whole house clean. I take a minute to look around because I know it will not last. I easily get in my 10,000 steps when I'm cleaning house and doing floors.

    Have fun at your dinner. :)

  3. LOL, isn't that just how it goes?? I try to stay on top of my house because with 4 kids, omw if we take one day off. But I don't get to do things like dusting, cleaning the tub, and mopping NEARLY as much as it needs it. I always invite company over when I need that done... motivation! Hahaha Anyway, sounds like you did plenty today. I have been trying to pre-count meals ahead of time and it has really helped me this time... that and having a lot of daily points from being so overweight now. Lol

  4. oh man i loveeeee that cool whip frosting! best invention everrrr!!!

  5. Hope you had a great dinner party Alissa. yay for rolling with the punches!

  6. You totally burned calories cleaning! Your dinner sounds delicious... yummmm!! And managing to have 8 points left over with company coming for dinner! That's awesome!



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