Monday, February 11, 2013

Clean Eating Begins

Today is the first day of the clean eating endeavor. Unfortunately, I think I’ve had a bit of the “last meal” mentality and my weight was higher than ever (since losing) this morning. Another sign that I MUST DO SOMETHING.

I don’t know how many times I have said that I would never do a “no sugar” or “no white flour” type diet because it didn’t seem realistic. Does this ring any bells to any of you long time readers?

The fact that I am going to such drastic measures shows how desperate I feel right now. I am clinging to this like it’s my only hope. Please, Please, Please work for me. It’s really not a matter of whether a plan works or not…it’s whether or not I am going to find the mental strength to follow through. That’s the truth.

So for this week, I am trying a NO SUGAR, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER, and NO WHITE FLOUR plan. And since I’m new at this and still using up what’s in the house—I may not be 100%—but it’ll at least be 90%.

I say that because I made ham & veggie soup yesterday using Campbell’s tomato soup as a base and it has sugar in. I was out of broth. I’m not sure if the ham was cooked with added sugar—I had leftovers in the freezer. But anyway, I’m eating it for lunch. It’s only 4 points + for a pretty big serving and full of veggies. I’m not going to sweat that one.

Over the past while, sugar has become a HUGE problem for me. I truly understand that something needs to be done. I’m hoping that completely eliminating sugar from my diet (for a while) will help jump start my weight loss. I’d almost be willing to try the Atkin’s diet right now just because, whether healthy or not, I know I would see the weight fall off. This is probably not a very good mentality, and my husband would NEVER let me follow through with this, but it shows how hopeless I’m feeling right now.

So, clean eating…I’m sorry for all of my questions lately. I’m just trying to understand what it all means and I need all the help I can get. I ordered Tosca’s book and am waiting to get it in the mail. That should clear up a lot of my questions.

And as I begin today—I am SCARED. Scared that I am going to go into sugar withdrawal later on today. Scared that I won’t find the mental strength to say NO. Scared that this isn’t going to work and for some reason I’ll end up gaining even MORE weight. I think I’m mostly scared of failure. Scared. Scared. Scared.

There ya have it. I will update you on how today goes. So far so good! Oatmeal for breakfast with natural cashew butter and a banana. I also had a glass of skim milk. One meal down!


  1. I understand your feelings 100%, right down to the "last meal mentality." Don't stress yourself. Do you follow Roni? Instead of saying "no processed" she will just say "less processed." I feel that way, she gives herself breathing room for some mistakes, not setting herself up for what she would mentally consider failure. Are you just doing the clean eating, or are you counting points along with your clean foods? I was SHOCKED to find how much sugar and stuff the tomato soup had in it. Good grief. Where's the tomatoes? Lol Best of luck today, Alissa!

  2. Girl I need to do the same things!!! I really want to cut out the processed crap AND sugar. We can do this girl~!!!!

  3. You can do it! Looking forward to reading how your day goes!

  4. I know exactly what you are going through! So much to learn, but it's so the right thing (in my opinion). This website has a wealth of information. Pinterest is amazing for finding recipes and ideas. I learned early on that you have to take baby steps. One week at a time. You won't be clean over night. Also, if you haven't watched it already, watch "Hungry for Change" on Netflix. It's the documentary that changed our minds for ever! Don't get discouraged. Remember, baby steps!

  5. Whoops, forgot the website, here you go!

  6. One rule I have on eating sugary, no nutrition "food" is this: Do not take the first bite. I cannot seem to eat a little. I can easily do totally without if I do not eat a single bite.

    After a few days, fruit will seem much sweeter and totally satisfy that sweet tooth. Good luck.

  7. Go Alissa Go!!! Look forward to celebrating your clean success!

  8. the longer you are off sugar, and artificial sweeteners.... (this I am WORKING on as I type!!!) the less you crave sweets!!!

  9. okay... I just went into my kitchen... ignore me I am a TOTAL phony!! everything in my kitchen has more than 5 ingredients... EVEN my almond milk!!! sheesh who knew?



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