Friday, February 15, 2013

Clean Eating Day 4- Valentine’s Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day!!

So here’s how my day went down. I was given Valentine’s candy from co-workers and someone even brought in baked goods. Didn’t touch them. Nope!

Hubby wasn’t supposed to be home until late—so I wasn’t worried about supper. I’d just heat up some leftovers for myself and make the clean dessert for when he got home.

WELL—he ended up getting home in time for supper. So, since it was Valentine’s Day and all, we decided to eat at a local restaurant that had a special Valentine’s promotion.

And I am totally ok with that. I ordered salmon for my entrée and ate what I wanted. The portions were just right. The meal included a very small dessert also—so that was my first un-clean sweet for the week.

Later on in the evening I ate 3 Girl Scout cookies and was going to eat a serving of Dove chocolates but I just couldn’t do it! All I wanted was 3 pieces. Still feel ok with that.

But the SUGAR! I felt like my heart was racing. It was the weirdest thing. And stopping at 3 chocolates because I didn’t WANT anymore? Now that’s new.

I’m starting to see that there’s a very dangerous line with sugar. Throughout this week, I thought about how I wanted a cookie or other sweet treat, but it wasn’t so intense. It seemed like after I ate that dessert at the restaurant, I was like “more, more, more!” Sugar may just be addicting. Yes, I said it.

I was also amazed that, for the the first time all week, I felt bloated. I don’t like the way that feels. So this morning, it’s absolutely no problem for me to get right back at my clean eating.

Since I said this was going to be the way I eat 90% of the time, I am totally ok with the Valentine’s Day eats. I don’t feel guilty about it. I enjoyed the holiday out with my hubby. I can make this work for me.

Holidays will be an exception—but not a free for all. I didn’t eat sweets at the office because it wasn’t really worth it. Not that the Girl Scout cookies and Dove chocolates were necessary, but the plan is that I don’t want to eat “unclean” foods more than once a week or so—so I wanted to get that out of the way. Winking smileOk…guilty as charged…probably not a good decision. I was intoxicated with sugar, remember? lol

I started this morning off with oatmeal, cashew butter, a banana, and skim milk. I tried making another batch of coffee creamer with unsweetened almond milk and using xantham gum—let’s just say I don’t have the recipe quite perfected yet. Blech!

Have a great day and a fabulous weekend! How was your Valentine’s Day?


  1. I'd say you were good to go at the restaurant. Yay that he got home early and you got to enjoy a meal and a dessert! You lost me at Girl Scout cookies. Haha. That is very much something I would do, so I know just how you feel. You may have a harder time with cravings today or tomorrow. I really do believe sugar is addictive! I even allow the fake sugars in diet drinks to make me crave sweets. :-/ I bet as you eat clean, though, you will crave them less and less. You have done GREAT this week Alissa. No way that your first week was gonna be spot-on perfect. Things take time. And to have to battle Vday, too? You are doing awesome. Great job at the office!

  2. It sounds like you handled the holiday very well. :)

  3. Oh, and I do think sugars are addicting...thus why I'm trying to cut more of them out of my diet as well. I did a clean week a couples weeks ago and it was amazing how I didn't crave sweets during that week.

  4. I think processed carbs in general are addictive but some people are really addicted to sugar. I think it is great that you noticed right away how the sugar was affecting your body. Great incentive to continue as you have been. Ever onward. :)

  5. You've so got this Alissa! YAY! Have a wonderful Friday.

  6. I agree that sugars are addicting!! totally girl!!! You have done fabulous I am sooo proud of you!!!!

  7. It's nearly impossible to eat clean at a restaurant, unless you are eating greens, and tell them no sauces or seasonings on your fish or chicken. I can't say that I feel guilt when I eat out, more grossed out by what I am putting in my body. I've made subway the exception, even though it's not 100% clean. I'm sure I will be in a restaurant again though, at some point in my life! Have you found the "SO" delicious brand coconut milk creamer yet? If you have a Festival Foods they carry it - otherwise google it. It's a very yummy, organic, coffee creamer.



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