Thursday, February 7, 2013

I tracked

Alright, so yesterday was far from perfect. I was hungry, hungry, hungry! But I tracked everything I ate. That's a big improvement from the past couple of weeks. All of my meals were super healthy- it was the snacking that got me...I didn't pack enough in my lunch yesterday!

I have also noticed that if I don't eat enough protein at lunch I will be starving shortly later. I make this spinach salad topped with blueberries, feta and pecans and while it is tasty and healthy... I am ALWAYS famished by supper time. If I have leftover chicken or turkey I add that but haven't had any leftover this week.

Last night I had guests. I made fish tacos. Baked tilapia seasoned with cumin and pepper served on whole wheat tortillas and topped with avocado, tomato, lettuce, salsa, and Greek yogurt. I also served sides of black beans and kale chips. So good. And so healthy. They had never eaten kale chips and loved them. I love serving something healthy and delicious. :)

So, I hope to make today a better day. Keep tracking but track all the right things! It will be a very busy day for me... But tomorrow is Friday!


  1. keep it up...! you will defo see a good result next week! X

  2. eating clean took some figuring out... now I have a post it on my computer to remind me when to eat

    plus breakfast before I go to work and MAYBE something when I get home... I shot for 20 grams of protein per meal, that what my trainer tell me :P

    keep pluggin along

  3. Your fish tacos sound so, so good. I want!!!

  4. Your fish tacos sound YUMMY! I will have to try that :)

  5. Definitely protein will help keep you satisfied. Also, build in a protein snack in the afternoon. Fruit and cheese is a great option. That can take the edge off and keep you from snacking later.

  6. If you're interested in clean eating made easy, check out this blog - It helps me out a lot!

  7. Can I come for dinner? :) Your fish tacos sound fantastic. Glad you had a better day Alissa.

  8. I definitely need protein to stay full longer! It's one of the reasons cereal now is a condiment for my yogurt parfaits instead of a sole dish.

    I love fish tacos! Have a great weekend.



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