Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oils—Healthy or not?

I recently developed a love for a popcorn that the package said was natural. It is the best tasting popcorn I have ever eaten. It has three simple ingredients: popcorn kernels, palm oil, and salt. It looked good to me!

Little did I know that palm oil is a very unhealthy fat. It is loaded with unsaturated fats. I didn’t know this until I came across that information in Tosca Reno’s Clean Eating book. How sad! So I am on the search for a new popcorn. Today’s grocery shopping was unsuccessful. All packaged popcorn is loaded with unhealthy chemicals and/or fats. I think I need to buy a good air popper. Any brand recommendations?

Since starting to read ingredient lists, I have realized how uneducated I am on oils! I am unsure what’s good for me or not. Palm oil sounds innocent enough, right? I am smart enough to know that hydrogenated soybean oil isn’t good for you and that olive oil is good for you, but I’m pretty confused on the others.

A quick internet search yielded a great chart that I wanted to share with you. Here it is.


The chart, from, lists many types of oils and categorizes them as healthy or not and states the reason why. I picked up unrefined coconut oil today and I am excited to try it out. It looks like it’s packed with healthy fats.

I might print this chart out and carry it in my purse for the next time I’m at the grocery store reading labels! I hope you can find some use out of it too!


  1. You can find an easy way to make popcorn without an air popper by using your microwave. I think eventually I will do away with the microwave as well, because there is a lot of debate on it also, but I have to tackle one beast at a time! Go to my website to see how easy it is to make organic microwave popcorn with organic popcorn seeds and a lunch bag!

    Check that out and see if it helps you any. It's on one of the blogs I thought you might like to follow, but this is from 2011 so you prob wouldn't run across it easily. Maybe you can tweak that somehow??? Best of luck!

  3. We have a Stir Crazy popper. Love it. I use reg popcorn, with a little coconut oil.

  4. I bought a microwave popcorn popper at Target. You just put the kernels into the popper, put on the top and pop in the microwave. I haven't used it in a while. It is very plain popcorn. The paper bag works too but be careful you don't set it on fire. Yikes!

  5. I too learnt pretty recently that refined oils are devoid of any nutrition! Best to use filtered oils. I am currently using filtered peanut oil. But coconut is great too. Though I dont really like how the food cooked in it smells :(

  6. Love coconut oil. Use it quite a bit. Especially like to use it as an alternative to butter when I want to spread on bread.

  7. I love love love coconut oil! I use it to make my own popcorn!! I put about a Tbsp or so of the oil in a small pot, I heat it up and add about 1/4 cup of organic popcorn kernels. I put the lid on and shake shake shake the pot. It pops in a few minutes, dump it in a bowl and add a little salt. It's ssooooo good!!!

  8. I used to do the popcorn in a bag in the microwave, but wanted something reusable instead of the paper bags. Now I use a Pampered Chef container that has a top with vent holes.

  9. I heard microwave popcorn is not never eat it.
    I love cooking in Ghee and Coconut oil.

  10. Coconut oil rocks. For so many reasons. I even put it on my skin, I swish it in my mouth to remove toxins,cook with it, bake with it, spread it on toast, throw it in your popcorn. Look it up. Many benefits!

  11. Coconut oil is great - and CJN, you can get coconut oil with the smell removed.

    There' sno problem with microwave popcorn - just fold it in a paper bag, or a plastic vented container. Otherwise you can put it in a pot with a lid on. Make sure to toss the kernals so they don't burn.

    Popcorn with nothing on them (or just salt) is delicious. Otherwise cinnamon or cracked pepper is yum. I almost never add any oil or butter.

    And FYI - palm oil is pretty bad for the environment, so yay that you're not buying products with it in anymore :)



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