Monday, February 4, 2013

Spark my Pinterest with…Clean Eating

Here’s what Spark(ed) my Pinterest!’ this week. I’d love for you to follow me!

I pinned this one to my brand new “Clean Eating Tips” board.


This is kind of hard to see (click on it to see the original), but it’s a clean eating grocery list by Tosca Reno. This gives me an idea of some of the foods to watch for when grocery shopping next weekend.

There is so much information on Pinterest and on the web about clean eating. I have created a “Clean Eating Recipes” board, which I hope to add more healthy recipes to!

Neither of these boards have much on them yet, but they will be filling up soon!

Do you have a Clean Eating board? What’s your Pinterest name?


  1. How cool! Thanks - I'll follow you - I am a pinterest whore! :D

  2. I already follow you on pinterest (geez, that sounds so "stalky", I promise it's not! :) ) so looking forward to your clean eating recipes. Have a great Monday Alissa!



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