Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spark my Pinterest with…Homemade Coffee Creamer

Here’s what Spark(ed) my Pinterest!’ this week. I’d love for you to follow me!

I pinned this one to my brand new “Recipes I liked” board, which, shockingly, has far less pins than my “Recipes I want to try” board…lol. I need to get busy!


You all know how much I love coffee creamer…

I knew this was going to be a big struggle for me with clean eating—which starts tomorrow, BTW! So I looked up recipes online and it’s actually pretty easy to make!!

I used this pin for a basis but did not follow the ingredients exactly. I used half and half instead of soy milk—but I really want to try it with almond milk next time.

I also did not have any xantham gum in the house (ummm who does?!) Where can I find this in the grocery store?

This recipe is sweetened with honey—so no sugar involved. I am finding that honey is actually a wonderful sweetener—but has calories, of course.

The only question I have is: how do you know if an extract is “clean”? I have so much to learn!

The verdict was—I like my coffee creamer to have more flavor. Next time, I will use more flavoring. I made enough to get me through the week. With a packet of Stevia, my coffee was definitely bearable! I can’t wait to keep experimenting until I find just the right amounts of each ingredient—and the I will share my recipe with you all.

Points wise, this was 1 point + for 1 tbs. or 2 points + for 3 tbs. About the same as regular coffee creamer. I’m sure I could lower the points values by using skim milk—I might give that a try too.

Do you have a coffee creamer recipe?


  1. I always see xantham gum in recipes and wonder the same thing - who has that?? lol. I'm a big fan of stevia as a no calorie (clean?) sweetener. The nunaturals brand is the only one I can tolerate without any aftertaste (splenda and such gives me headaches. Nunaturals makes a vanilla stevia that might be good in your coffee!

  2. I drink my coffee black so I am no help here! Yours sounds really good though.

  3. Xantham gum is found in the supermarket with the natural baking goods. I have a bag of Bob's Red Mill that I got a while ago that's lasted us a long time. I use half a teaspoon of it in the Dashing Dish milkshake recipes. Good luck -- you're going to do great with the clean eating. Don't be nervous and just look at it as a new adventure! Keep us posted on how things are going.

  4. Coolness!! I was just thinking this morning how i have a problem with creamer lol!!

  5. We started eating clean a few weeks ago also! I found So brand coconut milk creamer to be yummy. We also love the Blue Diamond vanilla flavored almond milk - I wonder how that would taste in our coffee? I have tons of pins on pinterest that you may be interested in! Message me if you want my page.

  6. interesting. i just use half and half and throw some agave nectar in there as well.



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