Thursday, March 21, 2013

A song in my heart again

I woke up with my fingers crossed, hoping that hubby would be coming home today, but I also didn’t want to set my hopes too high…because it might not happen.

I always know that I’m back to my normal self when I find myself singing all the time. I love to sing and when I’m happy, I sing all the time. And I’ve been singing for the past couple of days! Note

I am completely aware that this sudden change in mood has EVERYTHING to do with a change in hormones. Pretty crazy, huh?

I know I have mentioned this a million times, but my all time favorite album is Kenny Chesney’s Be As You Are: Songs from An Old Blue Chair. I can listen to this album over and over again and not get sick of it. I always listen to it when I’m on vacation—sitting on the beach, poolside, or on the ship deck. So when it’s the middle of winter here, or when I’m sad and blue, I listen to this album and it puts me back there. This album truly gives me a sense of serenity. I wish I could thank Kenny Chesney personally for this album. No other album touches my soul quite like this one. So check it out!

Here’s my favorite song on the album, probably for the millionth time…but this is a new-to-me video! Open-mouthed smile

Old Blue Chair- Kenny Chesney

For breakfast, I ate Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and a sliced banana. I also ate an egg and drank skim milk.

32113 002

Lucky to have farm fresh eggs!

32113 001

This is kind of gross, I don’t know what happened while I was shaving my legs, but the razor slipped and I took a huge chunk out of my fingernail! It was almost to the skin. So now I have this big hole in my fingernail.

32113 003

Ewww! And I am SO lucky I didn’t do that to my SKIN! Horrifying.

While working, it was still Dunkin Donuts Coconut coffee with natural creamer.

32113 004

On my break, I ate 1/2 oz. of dry roasted (unsalted) peanuts.

32113 005

And a WW string cheese.

32113 006

It was a busy, busy morning. I felt like I was playing catch up after having to work my old job yesterday afternoon.

For lunch, I decided on a salad with leftovers. Cashews would be good on a salad, right? Now who would leave only this many cashews in the can?

32113 007

Wasn’t me! lol There were only 6 grams. Winking smile

I ate a spinach salad with cashews, feta, cherry tomatoes, and the rest of the leftover BBQ.

32113 008


And I found a lone pack of these boxes of juicy goodness.

32113 009

No afternoon snack like I usually have. Lunch kept me full. I wonder if it was because I ate 4 oz. of meat (because I wanted to finish it up) vs. the 3 oz. or less that I usually eat. Hmmm.

But I did have my afternoon coffee. OF COURSE!

32113 011

By the time I was done working, hubby texted to let me know he’d be home—but a bit later than usual. Yippeee!!!

So I popped some kernels (with coconut oil) in a brown paper sack for a snack.

32113 013

And loaded up on water to keep me from eating any more!

And then I decided to use my time to get some job #2 work done so I didn’t have to do it during my, already busy, weekend! I got a couple of hours of work done. Good to have that out of the way!

And then hubby got home! <3

For supper, we had crock pot baked chicken with 1/2 slice of provolone and topped with spaghetti sauce. I also ate green beans and squash.

32113 014

This squash was as big as my head!

32113 010

Ok, ok, I broke my promise. Instead of eating the last ice cream bar over the weekend, I ate it tonight with hubby. Now no more ice cream in this house for a while. But I sure did enjoy them while they lasted.

32113 015

And I am right at my points target! Off to spend some time with my hubby!


  1. I have done that to one of my nails before and it HURTS!! Actually, it just feels weird more than hurts. Blechhhh. Lol I kwym about hormones. Right before TOM, I hate to say how hateful and rude I get. Then, like a light switch, after about one day with TOM, my hormones start leveling off and I'm all over hubby, telling him how much I love him, hugging and kissing him, etc. THE POOR MAN! rofl I tell him there are 2 months every month that I love him and 2 months where I hate him. Ugh. :) Those ice cream bars look good. I couldn't find them here anywhere last year. I bet they'll be here this year!

  2. Oops, 2 WEEKS every month. Stupid typos! :)

  3. Yah - yummy food! Did DH arrive? Yup, hormones make a mess of me too!



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