Friday, March 15, 2013

A WONDERFUL day with my hubby

Happy Friday!

With hubby coming home yesterday, I decided to take some time off today to spend with him. I had a very short weekday ahead and that made my morning much happier!

For breakfast, I ate Ezekiel toast with almond butter and a sliced banana. I also had a scrambled egg and skim milk.

31513 001

I got to work with my usual coffee and creamer.

31513 002

I only had to work for 2 hours—I wish that were the case every day!

I was able to move my doctor’s appointment to much earlier in the day, so I headed over there. My BP improved from last month, but we still haven’t quite found the right dosages. She wants me to take BP readings randomly throughout the day and send her the readings and she will make a decision. I have a great doctor who really takes the time to figure things out. Thankfully, my weight was the same as last month—so no more gains!

She told me I sounded congested, so I explained that I ran yesterday and the cold air bothers me. She was delighted to hear that. haha Smile It makes me feel much better when I go to the doctor after I’ve been eating well and exercising. I want to be better off by next month!

After that, I came home and hubby and I headed to Cedar Rapids because he needed to pick up a tool. We split the last KIND bar. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture before eating it!

31513 003

It started off as a very dreary day!

31513 004

So I bought some Breathsavers the other day…

31513 005

I was SHOCKED when I looked at the ingredients today. I didn’t even think about it when I bought them! What IS all of this stuff?!

31513 008

We ate at Hy-vee for lunch. It’s a grocery store with a FABULOUS salad buffet. They also have Italian, Chinese, sushi, American food, and a deli counter. Hubby went with Chinese. I got the soup and salad bar for only $6.99. It’s unlimited also.

Here’s my spinach salad (light dressing) and clam chowder soup.


Hubby loves their oreo dessert, so I got him some of that. Shhh. I had two small bites of that. But I also tried this kale salad. Pretty good.


My dessert was fresh fruit. OMW. You couldn’t BUY the fruit for $6.99. If you really took advantage of it…they always have the good stuff!!


After that, hubby dropped me off at Target while he went to get his tool. I perused the sales. Check out this HOT PINK Kitchenaid!! LOVE!


I picked up a couple of things. My cheap self doesn’t find much very often… no matter how hard I try! 31513 012

The DVD was marked down to this‘

31513 013

Mmmhmm That’s my kind of shopping! I think it was part of a set with a ball, but I could use a kettlebell or something.

And here is the nifty New Balance thing I bought. It slips on your wrist and has a pocket. It’s very soft and won’t chafe your skin. I always need a place to carry my key when I go outside to exercise. Perfect solution!

31513 016

We went to Sam’s Club and spent too much money on things that will actually last us MONTHS. So I suppose it’s worth it.

On our way home, we stopped at Starbucks for an iced coffee with skim and caramel. YUMMM!

31513 009

And a chocolate cake pop. Delish!

31513 010

We had one more stop to make. This store sold little baby chicks!! So cute! I wanted one.


This is kind of a weird transition…but I bought chicken at Sam’s Club. A big family pack…lol. Horrible transition.

But I cut it up and put them into sandwich bags and then a big freezer bag. It’s only $1.88 per lb.

31513 011

After getting the groceries in, hubby and I went for a walk! It was 44 degrees and GORGEOUS!

31513 018

I had supper baking in the oven. So when we got home, we ate parmesan chicken, squash, and green beans.

31513 021

I was looking for a clean spaghetti sauce and this is the closest I found. It’s REALLY good. It tastes homemade, too. A little pricey, but we have gotten two meals out of it so far and there’s still more left.

31513 019

31513 020

There is something in tomato sauce that make my face turn red and BURN up. But it’s so good. I don’t want to give it up. Winking smile

I have an event to cover for job #2 tonight and hubby can come along with me to this one! Yay! I’m off to a good start for the weekend! I hope yours is great!


  1. Score on the DVD!

    That restaurant looks awesome. I need to find more cheap and healthy places in my area.

  2. aww thanks for taking us along on the hubby day adventure! so cute and fun!! LOL @ the chicken transition! hahah. We spend a lot at costco too..makes me sick but i love not having to shop all the time for stuff i always need! k cups are cheap there too!

  3. I spent 5 minutes wondering why the NB item came in a Reebok package and why it looked nothing like a ball. ROFL Then I scrolled down and realized they were 2 separate items. DUH! Haha You probably just bought those chickies momma! LOL Loved tonight's post. Had me chuckling. :)

  4. We just signed up for a Costco membership.. I'm nervous about the initial buying in bulk grocery bill, LOL! Looks like you guys had a fun day!!

  5. Looks like you had a nice day with the hubby! I have one of those zippered-pocket bands to wear running, and I really like it. It's a different brand, but the idea is the same. So handy!

  6. I love your mood when hubby is home - I can feel how happy you are to have him there!

    Great job on your eating!

  7. What a fantastic, upbeat post. Sorry it's taken me to Monday to read it. I laughed out loud at the little chick picture followed by the chicken to eat. Funny!! Hope you have a great week Alissa.



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