Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The sun’ll come out tomorrow…

I woke up this morning with the intention of working out, which usually means running. I just wasn’t feeling it. I woke up feeling sad and depressed. Not really a good way to start the day.

I know I need to get back to working out on a regular basis, so I thought Yoga or Pilates would be the perfect workout for this morning. It would help me relax and calm down.

So I went onto Netflix to quickly find a workout and none were to be found! I Googled it and it appears that they removed all of their streaming workouts late last year. What a bummer! I really enjoyed their Pilates and Yoga workouts. So searching Netflix trying to figure out where the workouts went wasn’t exactly a stress reliever. Winking smile

Instead, I found my Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD. I completed the 20 minute level 1 workout and a 5 minute cool down.

3513 001

I couldn’t believe how tight and inflexible my body felt this morning. I need to do more Yoga, Pilates or other workouts that require full body motion. I used to do workout DVDs all the time. Somewhere along the line I got it into my head that the only “real” workout is running and if I do anything else, I’m slacking off. That’s just not the truth.

So typically, when I don’t feel like running, I have an all or nothing mentality. If I don’t run, I might as well not do anything. But that’s just not the case. Also, if I do a different workout, like this DVD, walking, or biking, I feel like I’ve failed.

What I need to remember is that EVERY workout is beneficial. I need to get that “running is the only real workout” mentality OUT of my head. It’s a terrible way to think and leads to feelings of self-hatred, even when I’m doing an alternative that is good for my body too. I said I was going to talk about my mental battle a bit—this is one of the battles. Anyone else experience anything similar?

I always enjoy Yoga or Pilates in the morning. The stretching feels good.

For breakfast, I ate oatmeal with a sliced banana, an egg, and skim milk.

3513 003

While working, I sipped on my coffee with natural creamer.

3513 004

Today was a snowy day. I was glad to stay home!

On my break, I ate a KIND bar.

3513 005

These bars are good but they are so chewy they make my jaw hurt! I have TMJ, so that’s probably part of it. Sometimes they give me a headache when I eat them!

For lunch, I ate a baked potato topped with cheese and turkey. I wanted to have a veggie on top, but I ended up having to throw out all of the veggies I had in the fridge because they were going bad. Ick.

3513 006

I also had a side salad with lettuce, strawberries, sliced almonds, and lite poppy seed dressing.

3513 007

I finished it up with a box of raisins.

3513 008

After lunch, I drank some homemade hot cocoa. I used unsweetened almond milk, cocoa powder, and stevia. It’s so good! I put a dab of Cool Whip Free on top.

3513 009

On my break, I ate an apple with peanut butter.

3513 010

I really needed some energy to get through the rest of the day, so I had some coffee.

3513 011

I was happy to find out that an appointment I had for job #2 was canceled due to the weather. I didn’t really feel much like going out in public tonight. Ever feel like that?

After work, I headed outside to clean up the snow. It only took about 30 minutes. There was significantly less snow than last time!


I wore my Garmin this time and it shows that I burned 199 calories. Not so bad! I’d almost count that as a workout. It’s certainly a good strength workout. My muscles are always sore after lugging that snow blower around and doing a little shoveling.

I came inside, did a few chores, talked to hubby, and ate my supper. I had an egg white omelet with asparagus and mozzarella cheese.

3513 015

I also had 2 waffles with maple syrup and a sliced banana. Typically, I only eat one banana per day—but I like sliced bananas on my waffles!

3513 016

I am loving pure maple syrup. It costs more, but you use SO much less!

3513 014

These are the waffles I picked up at the grocery store.

3513 012

3513 013

They’re 3 points plus each, but I think they’re a lot healthier—although I’m not sure if they’re clean? I know I can make waffles from scratch, but sometimes I want something quick.

It was a fabulous supper and a great way to use up leftover asparagus.

I am feeling a lot better now that I’m off of work and done for the day. Sometimes I wonder if I deal with depression or if it’s just normal to feel this way this time of year. I broke down in tears twice today—hormones? At least I can do that at home and no one sees me!! haha It’s a lot better than eating cookies because I feel like crying.

But maybe my cheering up was due to a reference my coworker made to this song:


I got the song in my head and it kind of cheered me up. Smile

It made me feel hopeful for the future. There is a tomorrow that will be filled with sunshine, even though my days right now are dreary. Things will get better. I hope this song will cheer you up too!


  1. Definitely every workout counts! I'm not able to run at all, but I still get good workouts from walking. I use the Nike+ app on my iPhone and it tracks time, distance & calories burned.

    That KIND bar looks YUMMY!!! I saw some at Trader Joe's the other day & almost snagged one, but figured it would be really high in points. Worth it, do you think?

    1. The one I ate today was 5 points. It's a little high, but they are very satisfying and all natural. They are delicious!

  2. Proud of you for pushing through and doing something :) There is WAY more out there than running.

    For reference, HULU has workout videos you can find and use, I've done that multiple times :)

  3. I wish I could give you a big ol' hug. My mood will be better when this snow is gone and it warms up a bit.

  4. I was telling my husband and a friend today that I get so stinkin' down and out in the winter time. There's SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I am not one to give everything the name of a disorder, but I don't know how else to explain how crappy I feel on non-sunshiny days! I eat those waffles. Do you bake yours? It makes them so light and fluffy that way!

  5. I had never thought about baking them. I will have to try that!

    1. One box I bought gave baking directions. I thought it was annoying, but then they were so good that way. I have bought about 3 diff varieties of them, so I can't remember if all the boxes give baking directions or not. ;)

  6. Good for you doing the yoga dvd! There is so much more than running!

    This time of year is hard for a lot of people. I find it helpful to head into a tanning booth a couple of times (maybe once per week) for some ``sun`. I know they aren`t good for you but a couple of times per year....It`s worth it for me!

  7. I have the 'run or nothing else' mentality too. If I don't get my run in the day due to extra work or something I get really cranky. We have exercise bike at home but I feel like its taking the easier way out. I really want to change how I think. Good job on getting your workout!!

  8. I have the same mindset - I feel like if I don't get a good walk in I did nothing for the day. I have been doing the 30 Day Shred and now I feel like I am doing something - Phew!
    Have you ever tried real VT Maple Syrup? Delicious!

  9. May you have a sunnier day today Alissa.

  10. that potato looks so good!!!! I love me some afternoon coffee and i hear you on the mental workouts I am the SAME way!!!

  11. On Monday, my manager was being sooo rude, more than normal. I almost cried twice. :(



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