Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back with a Picture Post

The good news is that we’re half way through the week. It has been a busy and tiring week for me and I am ready for the weekend to get here!

After my long day yesterday, I decided to sleep in a little longer this morning and I woke up feeling much better. I really need my sleep.

For breakfast, I ate Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and sliced banana, a glass of skim milk, and an egg.

WCB 047

While working, I drank my coffee, which I forgot to take a picture of!

I had a KILLER headache this morning. I’m thinking it was the weather. I didn’t know if I was going to make it through work. It was that kind of headache.

Over my morning break, I ate a mini KIND bar.

WCB 048

I brought some Triscuits back to my desk with me. I was hungry!

WCB 049

And after that, my headache disappeared. Strange.

I used my break to get supper in the crock pot—and then I had to smell its deliciousness for the rest of the day! Made me hungry!

For lunch, I shredded leftover pork loin, added BBQ sauce and ate it on a sandwich thin with Swiss cheese. I also ate leftover veggies.

WCB 050

We are out of lettuce—salads are usually my go-to lunches. I used up the lettuce yesterday!

I also ate an apple with peanut butter.

WCB 051

I brought back some more coffee with me. It was such a cold, rainy day and the coffee tasted especially good.

WCB 052

On my last break, I ate pineapple.

WCB 053

For supper, we ate the chicken tortilla soup from the crock pot along with a dinner roll with 100% fruit jam. I found this recipe on Pinterest. I eliminated the piles of cheese it required, doubled the beans and corn, and added spices. It turned out very good!

WCB 054

I brought in a peach cobbler from the freezer that I made back in June with fresh Missouri peaches. I ate some of that for dessert.

WCB 055


Tomorrow is the day that I step back on the scale and I’m a little scared. But who knows…maybe it won’t be so bad. It isn’t like I’ve just gone crazy with my eating—it’s just the not knowing what I weigh that messes with my mind! I am expecting a gain of some sort, but I tend to think negatively about such things. Winking smile

Whatever it shows, I pick up where I left off to weigh in next Wednesday! My mental state was a lot better this time around without weighing myself.


  1. oh what a yummy day!!! bbq in the crock pot is SO GOOD i need to make it soon STAT! looks like a great day girl!!!

  2. Some weeks are harder than others but you KEEP going. That's the main thing. I'm back on WW after many a year off of it and finding it strange getting used to so many points on the new system but it suits my lifestyle. Keep up the good work x



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