Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Check in and staying sensitive

I just wanted to check in and say hello. I should be back with a picture post tomorrow—I’ve just been busy!

I had to wake up at 3:30 this morning to cover an event for Jobs #2 and #3, worked all day today for Job #1, and now I have another event for Job #2 this evening. And I’m just ready to go to bed!

Because of TOM, I am not weighing in this week and haven’t for a few days. It’s just not worth the mental battle. I will weigh in on Thursday as my start. I’m not just going all out and eating what I want or anything, but I haven’t been perfect! Just taking it one day at a time.

There has been so much sadness in the news the past couple of days. That can really wear you down emotionally. There was the bombing yesterday, and then today a bomb was found in a nearby town here (thankfully it didn’t go off), and two school busses crashed in another incident. Besides minor injuries, the kids were ok, but just hearing about this stuff gets me all anxious. All in two days.

And I believe in God and have complete trust in Him. It’s not that. It just seems that EVERYTHING bothers me more than it used to, or maybe the world is just getting worse, I don’t know. The more I see violence and hatred in the world, the more it bothers me to see it in movies, and so—I don’t watch them if they contain any of it. I guess that’s a good thing. I don’t want to become desensitized, but I also don’t want to let it make me too anxious. Turning off the news isn’t really the answer either—this is just the reality of the world we live in.

These events always bring me back to center. They remind me of the real purpose of life. They make me want to hold my hubby closer and a little tighter. As much as we wish they weren’t, they are teaching moments. They snap our eyes wide open to see life for what it is. Life ends. Make the best of it while it’s here.

It also makes you think about how trivial some of the things are that I stress about. If I were to die today, my weight certainly wouldn’t be my biggest worry—yet I let it consume me sometimes. I need help with that. I’m trying to find that balance between being mindful and making good decisions, and being happy in my own skin too—because life is just too short. Being healthy is important—but it’s not THE most important.

I know what’s important to me, and I want to treasure those things.

This post kind of morphed into a look into my mind right now. Thanks for listening!


  1. I amen the entire post, from not weighing at TOM time down to the important things in life.

  2. It's scary to hear about all this violence thing. I'm still working on being happy in my own skin. For me, it's a more difficult thing than I thought.




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