Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hungry day

And I am back with a regular scheduled post today! Yesterday was a day of meetings at the office and then home to guests and a special church meeting in the evening—so it was a busy day!

This morning, I baked up blueberry muffins from a packet since I had guests here—I wanted to give them a few options, although I was the only one who ate one!

I ate one muffin with butter, an egg, a banana, and skim milk.

4413 001

It has been a long time since I ate a muffin and it was good. Not something I could eat for breakfast every morning though. I tend to want “less sweet” food in the morning.

I am loving how it gets light outside around 6 a.m. I foresee some outdoor workouts in the mornings when the weather gets warmer!

While working, I sipped on my coffee.

4413 002

I was so hungry by my break time. I ate 1/3 cup of plain 0% Fage, 1 tsp. honey, 1 tbs. chia seeds, and fresh strawberries.

4413 003

I was still hungry by lunch time, but I kept myself from eating any more snacks. Come to think of it, I was just hungry all day long!

For lunch, I ate leftover soup—I will have to share this recipe. I randomly came up with it and I’ve made it a few times now.

4413 005

I also ate a side salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, feta, and BBQ ranch dressing.

4413 006

I also ate an apple with almond butter.

4413 007

There was quite a bit of leftover coffee from this morning, so I heated some up to sip on after lunch.

4413 008

On my last break, I went outside and sat in the sun. It was almost 60 degrees. FINALLY!

I was hungry later on in the afternoon so I ate some baby carrots.

4413 009

After work, I headed outside for a quick walk. The last couple of days have been exhausting for me, including one night of very little sleep—I wished I could have been more energized to get out there and walk longer because it was SO nice out!

Here’s how I did:


Better than nothing.

And then I came home and tried to keep myself out of the kitchen. I was STARVING.

I ate a 100 calorie bag of popcorn.

4413 010

And then worked on updating my resume to reflect some recent changes. I’d like to get some freelance writing jobs, but we’ll see.

I also ate some dates.

4413 011

Hubby is coming home and should be here in about an hour. Can’t wait to see him! He has been working in Minnesota since December and is only home on weekends. We’re almost to the end of this job and I CANNOT wait. It has been rough.

I’m making a seafood supper with salmon and shrimp tonight. I’ll also make a side of steamed broccoli and bake some garlic cheddar biscuits. Almost like Red Lobster!

I’ll let this be all for today so I can spend time with hubby when he gets home. Have a great day!


  1. Please do share the soup recipe. I made one not too long ago with white beans and veggies. I'd love to see how you made yours.

  2. I hate hungry days! So hard, but looks like you handled it really well. Enjoy your time with your man. :)



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