Thursday, April 25, 2013

I did it

Well I did it. The weather was in the 50’s today and so I headed outside for a run. Yippee!

The goal was to run 1 mile, which is basically a jaunt down our paved path. This is going to be my base mile. I now plan to run more consistently and I want to improve. I have a big 5K coming up in a couple of months that I want to be able to RUN in.

And boy was it HARD! But, immediately when I started running I felt joyful. That lasted all of about 2 minutes when I became angry. If I hadn’t been running, I probably would have kicked myself, asking myself why I was doing this.

But I persevered and I did it. I ran the whole way. The once unconquerable mile. It’s good to know that I at least haven’t lost that amount of my fitness level. I’m glad for that.

I’m not sure when I hit 1 mile because my Garmin decided to die after about the 3rd minute of my run. I know the path is slightly over 1 mile, and it took me 13 minutes, pretty much on the dot. A slow jog, but a jog nonetheless.

I’m proud of myself.

Now let’s see what else I can do.


  1. Good job, Alissa. Congrats on your mile!

  2. That's very good girl! I am going to start back running tomorrow. I know the first week SUCKSSSSSSS!

  3. Wahoo! Good job - I am working up to running a mile now - you inspire me!

  4. Congrats!! Its a great feeling!!

  5. Awesome job! Just look for progress! DH & I ran a bit last spring - we aimed to run between certain landmarks and then walk and then run again - it was a good way to get into it again and worked for us. I usually power walk though. Ever tried Debbie Rocker's CDs for outdoor walks? I'm addicted to them - they help me so much, have been using them for years! Dawn

  6. Good job on the run, especially in that weather! Glad to see you are stilling blogging (unlike me who took a hiatus but will hopefully get back into it)

  7. Way to go Alissa!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Great job getting out there and doing it. I need to do the same with walking. Looking forward to seeing what else you do!



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