Monday, April 1, 2013

One Good Day

Happy April 1st! It seems like yesterday that we celebrated the new year!

When I weighed in on Friday, I actually had lost weight for the week. However, by this Monday morning, my weight shot up to another new high.

I feel terrible. I feel like I’m hobbling around like a pregnant lady, except that I’m not pregnant but I’ve just put on weight rather quickly. I am more tired. I am feeling the effects of obesity.

I’m not going to dwell on the failures and the negative aspects of what has gotten me here, nor am I going to write about what’s going on in my head. I actually started a personal diary where I will delve into those things. This blog has lost the anonymity that it once had and instead, writing about these things makes me feel like I will be judged, whether I actually am or not! The truth is, anyone can find this blog on the internet and I’m not so sure how comfortable I’d feel if certain people read about my deepest thoughts and feelings. So from now on, if I feel I come across something revealing I will share it here. Otherwise, you won’t have to read EVERYTHING anymore. Smile

Someone commented with some great advice a while back, so I found it on Pinterest—loved it.


I’m going to try to keep this in mind. It’s so true. Feeling depressed, out of control, anxious, tired, and obese is very hard. And I’d rather deal with a hard workout or feel the triumph of resisting a hard temptation.

For breakfast, I ate an egg, Ezekiel toast with almond butter topped with a sliced banana, and skim milk.

4113 001

After hubby left, I did dishes and laundry and finally decided to go back to bed for a while. I was having a really hard time waking up.

And then I got ready for work. While working, I drank my coffee with creamer.

4113 002

On my break, I ate a light string cheese.

4113 003

It was a busy day at work, so I was stuck doing my old job for most of the day. Sad smile

For lunch, I ate leftover stir fry from the weekend.

4113 004

And finished it up with fresh strawberries.

4113 005

After lunch, I sipped on some tea.

4113 006

On my last break, I ate an apple with peanut butter.

4113 007

And had another cup of coffee in the afternoon.

4113 008

I contemplated whether it was warm enough to go outside or not, but the sun was shining and I was craving the warmth of the sunshine, so I headed outside for my walk. I bundled up and it wasn’t too bad.


Hubby and I went for a walk every day since Friday. It was so nice to be outside again. I’ll post some pics, from one of those walks, sometime this week.

Here is the data from my Garmin:



I look forward to comparing that to where I am in a month or two. Same thing with when I go for a run soon. 269 calories is a lot to burn for a walk!

When I came home, I headed out the door again to go grab a few groceries and things. I’m having visitors this week, so I wanted to come up with a lower calorie dessert and have some muffins available if they want them for breakfast. Here’s what I bought. Just a few random things we can use.

4113 015

When I got home, I decided to fire up the grill for a salmon burger. I have missed grilled food! We pulled out the grill this weekend for the first time this year.

I found these salmon burgers at Sam’s Club.

4113 013

4113 014

I ate my salmon burger on a 80 calorie hot dog bun, cut in half. I also topped it with a slice of gouda, light Miracle Whip and ketchup.

4113 016

I made a side salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, feta, chopped pecans, and homemade ranch dressing.

4113 012

After supper, I started cleaning the house, doing dishes, and finishing up the laundry. I got a lot done!

I also baked these cupcakes:

4113 017

I baked 20 of them and they come out to 87 calories each. Not so bad for a dessert. I’m going to try one tonight and I’ll let you know how they turned out!

It feels good to have an on track day under my belt. One day at a time.


  1. A journal sounds like a good idea. You know my blog. I tell it ALL. I don't know if that's good or bad. I wonder who all reads about my ovulation, periods, etc. LOL At least I don't post details about my love life, right? haha But I also worry about being judged now that I've had a person call me on the carpet recently. I over-explain things because of that. I seriously keep contemplating NOT blogging anymore, but at the same time I love blogging. Blah! Best wishes for a good week.

  2. I have to admit that occasionally I have felt that someone has judged me or questioned what I do. I've come to the conclusion that I do what I feel is best for me and if they don't agree don't read!! I really don't understand those people that belittle people for the fun of it.
    It's a great idea to just take it one day at a time. And today was the first day of a new month. A brand new slate.
    By the way I love your blog :)

  3. I haven't told anyone but my hubby that I do this. I am not ready for anyone in "real life" to read what I post here.
    Being obese is exhausting - you have done so well and will get yourself back on track in no time. You have a very long winter - you should try a couple of minutes in a tanning booth/bed to help boost your mood a little. Before pregnancy I found it made a big difference for my atitude when I had gotten a little "sun".

  4. That's a really good point. Being fat it hard.

  5. Here's hoping for another good day, Alissa. Stay strong, you can do it.

  6. I'm going to have to write that on my mirror and fridge! It's all hard, and it will always be hard (I'm sure maintenance is just as much work).

    We grilled out last night, too! I love to grill.. So easy to throw some meat and veggies on, and clean up is easy :) Never tried the salmon burgers, how are they?

  7. I love that - sometimes when you have a really good day like that it helps "reset" you!

  8. One day at a time indeed! Hope today is a good day too Alissa. Take care.



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