Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Self-Love: To be Healthy and Happy again

Today I’ve been thinking about this journey in a little different way. This has been prompted by my ever growing hatred of the scale. I’m tired of focusing on numbers. It’s not really the number that I want to see, it’s about how I want to feel.

I want to feel confident, athletic, slender, pretty, stylish, healthy, radiant, and happy. I really don’t care what number is on the scale—I just want to feel good about myself.

So instead of approaching food and healthy living with the “will this make me gain weight or lose” attitude, I want to try to approach healthy living with a “will this be good for me” kind of attitude.

It’s really about self-love. Can’t I find enough self-love to eat foods that are good for my body most of the time? Can’t I find enough self-love to get myself moving? Can’t I find enough self-love to stop berating myself?

One of my biggest battles lately has been self confidence. I pretty much lost it all when I gained back some of the weight I had lost. When I leave the house, I feel like I just want to hide myself. I compensate by wearing clothes that are looser and hide more. I feel safe that way.

But this makes the entire process so much harder. I look in the mirror and only see my flaws. Instead, I want to focus on the things that I like about myself. Looking at myself in the mirror and focusing on my flaws is not good for me. It’s not good for my health, and it doesn’t change anything.

I’m going to go back to the basics and work on liking myself again. I had started to like the woman I was becoming. I felt so strong, so determined, and so successful. Today, I feel the opposite of all of those things.

But I know I can do this. I can be healthy and happy again. Just one positive thought at a time.


  1. The scale really gets old fast, and I think for me it only made me do worse. I think you will find happiness in your new way of thinking. I wish you the very, very best.

  2. I hear you and feel the same. Keep doing things that make you feel positive about your body and the changes you desire, you're gonna get there.

  3. I can definitely relate! You can do it!

  4. Sounds like we're in the same place. I think breaks from the scale are an AWESOME way to get back in touch with your body.

  5. I know what you mean girl. I am hating the scale right now too but its more of a healthy state of mind...i just have to quit focusing so much self worth on those numbers. My prob is I equate the scale moving to equal success :( I need to stop that.



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