Thursday, May 9, 2013

An update on my journey

I haven’t been talking about how my weight loss journey is going lately, so I thought I’d let you know what’s going on.

I’m trying things. What I’ve been doing isn’t working. I’ve admitted that and I am finally taking the initiative to try something different.

Stepping out of my comfort zone is scary to me. I am acknowledging that the first thing I try might not work. I might actually GAIN weight, but that's part of the process to finding what IS going to work. Eventually, the weight will start coming off again.

Right now isn’t a good time to say if experiment one is working because TOM starts tomorrow. But I’m pretty confident it’s not. Two weeks on this method and my weight has NEVER stayed so steady. I mean I weighed EXACTLY the same for DAYS. Right now, my weight is up, but that’s to be expected with my cycle. I expect the weight to go down again soon.

Because after a couple of weeks on this plan, I have not been noticing any changes, I am already starting to implement the next part of my plan. I’m not going to share the WHAT, until I feel good and ready to. I am only trying things that are healthy, of course.

So, I’m being risky and taking the necessary steps to try to move forward. I’m trying new things and trying to figure out what it’s going to take to get this ship turned back around.

I canceled my WW subscription today. I am saying goodbye again. No problems with WW, it helped me get a long way at a different time of my life. But I think I can acknowledge, FOR A SECOND TIME, that the plan isn’t working FOR ME this time. Not because of any fault of the plan, but because for whatever reason, it’s not working for me right now. Might I go back someday? Maybe. Who knows. But for now, I’m trying new things until I find what’s really going to work FOR ME again—in this place and time in my life.

Thanks for sticking by!


  1. I think it's great that you are stepping out and trying to find the WHAT of what works for you. I can acknowledge that WW works... but at this point, I am just OVER IT. I am over weighing, measuring, worrying about exact oz and grams. I dunno. I guess others can do it for years on end, and that's great! But I get bored with it. I almost feel mad about having to weigh and measure my food before I eat it. Blahhh. Okay, not my blog - yours. :) I will quit venting now. Haha Good luck with all you are implementing!

  2. Good luck, I hope you find the winning combination that works for you. I am going to try and eat whole foods with restricting grains, sugar, legumes, dairy (Whole30 approach). It's a major change from my current fried take out lifestyle.

  3. I tried WW too, and it might have worked, if I'd been completely committed to the plan.

    Good for you for recognizing that it is time to switch things up. I just restarted Sparkpeople and am motivated to get this journey going again.

  4. Good luck and good for you for trying something new. I needed to switch over to Medifast. While on MF, I discovered Paleo/Primal and am using that to maintain. I use some of the tips and tools from WW as a lifetimer, but I've been Paleo for 15 months and couldn't be happier or healthier than I have in my whole life.

    Good luck, safe travels, and keep cracking the code that works for you.

  5. I totally understand! I'm still tweaking what I eat. I've decided to not blog so much about what I eat which can become so tiring trying to explain what and why I eat what I do. I've pretty much settled on the simply filling with Weight Watchers but not so much the grains :)
    Do what works best for you!!



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