Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don’t underestimate functional exercise

This morning I went on my 1.5 mile walk in 30 minutes. I am working at getting more exercise in, and I’m doing pretty well! It hasn’t been perfect, but when the weather is nice, it’s must easier for me to get outside and be active.

But my point is, that was was the “planned exercise” variety. It’s certainly not a 20 mile run, but walking is good for you.

Here’s my walk summary:


Now here’s where my title comes in. After work, I had to mow the lawn. It took me about 20 minutes longer than normal because with all of the moisture we’ve had, the grass was super long.

But I was pushing, pulling, lifting and sweating like crazy. And you want to see my stats?


A better workout than my walk this morning! So don’t underestimate those little ways that you can be more active.

To me, mowing the lawn is one of the easier ways to burn quite a few calories. I listen to some good tunes on my iPod, enjoy the sunshine, and the good feeling of accomplishment when I’m done.

It’s the kind of work where you get to see immediate results, feel a little sore (if you have a push mower and a yard with any incline) and it’ll probably make your husband happy!

Three birds, one stone.


  1. Man, when I mow I ride through grass with wind whipping in my hair as I sip on lemonade. HAHAHA Kidding. I've actually never mowed. I tried to drive the riding mower once and apparently I'm not so good at it. My husband freaked and I have been banned. Rofl. That's a good amount of calories! Way to go!

  2. wow--that's a lot of calories! Awesome!



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