Monday, June 10, 2013

A Food Picture Post

Hello everyone! This week should be fairly normal—finally! This will be my first week without the stress of a 2nd job and with being at home most of the week. I am looking forward to it. And in a few days, hubby will hopefully be home to stay! Things are looking up.

I started to get back on track on Saturday, but I wasn’t 100%—who starts a “diet” on a weekend anyways? I did good for the most part.

So today is my first official weekday on track, so I’m doing a picture post today. Yay for a little extra time in my day!

For breakfast, I ate oatmeal with fresh mango and a glass of skim milk.

61013 001

While in Mexico, there were vendors that walked along the beach selling various items. There was one man that had a melodic tune as he walked the beach. He would say “Mango, mango, cocos, y que mas” over and over again. It was very catchy! Hubby and I can’t help but say it every time we eat anything with mango.

By the way, a Mexico trip post is coming soon!

While working, I sipped on coffee.

61013 004

Mid-morning, I ate Greek pineapple yogurt—I think this is my favorite flavor. It’s SO good.

61013 005

I also ate a KIND bar.

61013 006

For lunch, I had baked chicken with a spinach salad topped with feta, cherry tomatoes, and a little bit of dressing.

61013 007

I also ate an apple with peanut butter.

61013 008

I was hungry on my last break, but resisted eating more yummy foods for broccoli instead. It wasn’t very good tasting—but it did the trick.

61013 009

By the end of my work day, I was so hungry! I ate 2 leftover turkey brats on light bread along with kale chips.

61013 010

I finished it up with FF chocolate pudding and a little Cool Whip.

61013 011

Check out my new coat rack. There is a store here in town that is like walking into Pinterest. This was one of my finds there. I love it! it’s an old piano piece with old door knobs for hooks.

61013 002

61013 003

With my new found time, I hope to be able to accomplish more projects and catch up on things that I’ve fallen behind on. I made a list of a few things that I want to get done.

I still do the extra photography work here and there—so I had some work to finish up tonight. Shouldn’t have taken long but I had some computer problems which resulted in about 1/2 hr. extra!

After that, I headed outside for a walk. I planned on only walking, but .8 mile in I decided to run 1/2 mile. I accomplished a total of 2.2 miles in 40 minutes.

I was exhausted when I was done. I am looking forward to getting my fitness level back. I did it before and I can do it again!


And now it’s time to relax! As of this moment, I have a 606 calorie deficit for the day. Eventually, I want to get to a 1000 calorie deficit, but I’ll work my way there.


  1. Glad to "see" you back! Today was my first day back tracking and it is hard after going off for a little to long....

    Also, pineapple greek yogurt is my fave as well! Yum!

  2. Yay for a picture post! I was totally sad to realize there was no pb under your brat today. Ha! It's funny how you get used to bloggers and how they eat things and look for it from them! :) I love seeing all the diff things people eat. I'm glad you had some more time in your day, and you did awesome with your walk/run! Way to go!

  3. Can I just say how much I LOVE your picture posts! I am glad they are back!!! I think you will be able to handle a healthy lifestyle so much easier without the stress of a second job. I am excited to see your progress!!!Love the piano rack!

  4. HI Alissa, soooo happy for you that life seems to be getting less "harried" and you'll have more time for things important for YOU! (did that make sense? :)) LOVE the coat rack!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  5. I am loving the coat rack! I was laid off from my job and it has honestly been nice taking a break. Way less stressful too! I will be job hunting again soon though.



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