Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cancun, Mexico Trip

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures of our trip to Mexico! Life just never slows down, except when you’re on vacation…which is probably why we enjoyed our trip so much!

We stayed at the Grand Oasis Cancun Resort. It was a great all-inclusive deal that I found through an online travel agency. One thing we learned during this trip is that all-inclusive is the way to go. It made the vacation so much more enjoyable and relaxing to be able to stay in one place the entire time. Everything we needed was available. Food, drink, snacks, beach chairs, and entertainment were free of charge. You just can’t beat that.

Cancun2013 085

Cancun2013 082

The little pond out front had these beautiful lilly pad flowers.

Cancun2013 083

The hotel was very pretty inside and kept very clean. The staff was super friendly and helpful. No complaints about the hotel. Here are a few pics of our room.

Cancun2013 002

Cancun2013 001

Cancun2013 004

I loved the art in this hotel—it was everywhere. This painting was in our room.

Cancun2013 003

A unique feature of the hotel—the resident peacock!

Cancun2013 086

Cancun2013 034

The beach wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen—but it wasn’t a problem or anything. The hotel is just right next to the Marina and the beach itself was pretty short. No problems with not finding beach chairs or a spot in the shade if we wanted it though! I even had the best nap of my life on a beach chair in the shade, with the sea breeze and relaxing music playing in the background. It was heaven.

Cancun2013 031

Cancun2013 089

Cancun2013 103

Cancun2013 120

Cancun2013 122

The Grand Oasis Palm had two beautiful pools. One benefit of staying at the Oasis Resorts chain is that you can visit any of the numerous resorts in Cancun for the day—everything all-inclusive except a room. We stayed put at the Grand Oasis Palm though since we weren’t there for too long.

Cancun2013 013

Cancun2013 101

They had numerous all-inclusive restaurants and we enjoyed them all! We got turned away from one because hubby had shorts on—so we never got to try that one, which was disappointing. But the food was fabulous. I couldn’t get enough fresh papaya, pineapple, and mango! And the flan—oh how I miss the flan!

Cancun2013 012

Cancun2013 056

Cancun2013 060

Cancun2013 010

Cancun2013 009

Cancun2013 106

This was our first trip to Mexico and our first time to visit another country while not on a cruise. It was a really great experience. We can’t wait to visit other parts of the world!

There were the most beautiful flowers there and I discovered my new favorite flower ever. Absolutely gorgeous. I saw these in numerous colors, but my favorite were the bright pink with the little white flowers in the center.

Cancun2013 045

Cancun2013 035

We took a quick walk in the jardin del arte. Saw some interesting things!

Cancun2013 076

Cancun2013 073

Cancun2013 074

Cancun2013 075

Here we are all tan. I miss that tan! We tried to use the timer to take a picture. Smile

Cancun2013 096

And on our last evening, we took a short stroll on the beach. Beautiful at sunset.

Cancun2013 124

Looking forward to our next trip!


  1. im so jealous!!! looks like an amazing time...i need a tan so bad haha! glad you two had fun!!

  2. What a beautiful trip - and the peacock!

    When we went to Mexico, I could not get used to the iguanas running around LOL!

  3. He got turned away???? Bwahahaha. How odd!!!! That's too bad. Looks like a great vacation, super relaxing!!! The resident peacock sounds super cool!

  4. BEAUTIFUL photos Alissa. Thank you for sharing!!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday.



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