Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Returned Items

I am bringing this post to you a little later than usual, but since I took all of the photos—I decided to post instead of skip the day.

For breakfast, I ate an egg white omelet with cheese and turkey, light toast with peanut butter and banana, and skim milk.

61113 001

While working, I had my usual coffee.

61113 002

The thing about eating a bigger breakfast is that you save calories later by not needing a snack!

For lunch, I used leftovers and made parmesan chicken along with a spinach salad topped with tomatoes, feta, and light dressing.

61113 003

I also had an apple with peanut butter.

61113 004

By the afternoon, I was slightly hungry, so I ate a fresh peach. Mmmm I love peaches!

61113 005

Hubby ended up getting home earlier than normal and soon after getting off of work my mom needed a ride in another town—so we headed out the door.

We ended up grabbing supper at Panchero’s. I ate a spinach, artichoke and chicken quesadilla and a few chips with queso. Not my best choice but I was so hungry!


We used the trip to get our father’s day present for my dad and to pick up a few things to install our new dishwasher.

Installing the dishwasher was a nightmare. Actually shopping for it was a little nightmarish too! The moment we walked into the appliance department we had three sales associates on us like vultures. They wouldn’t leave! Hubby and I would like to decide if we want to buy something without a third (or fourth, or fifth, or sixth!) party! I finally kind of shoed them away and said we’d let them know if we were interested—they were none to happy but backed away about 5 feet.

But we were able to save $200 on the dishwasher we wanted because it had been returned. The store said the customer returned it because “it didn’t fit in their cupboard space”. Hubby said he knew they were lying because all dishwashers are made to the same size, but after looking it over- everything looked ok, except for a few missing parts—which they assured they would take out of their storeroom and wrap up with the dishwasher.

Well, they didn’t. Not only that, after it was finally installed, we found that it didn’t work. I called the store and they were ridiculous telling me that I could hire a service guy to come out in two weeks. I said, absolutely not.

Thankfully, Hubby and I are both pretty handy. We took the latch system apart and figured out that was causing the issue and also discovered how it might happen again and how to very easily fix it. Not a big deal. But someone obviously returned it because they didn’t think it worked and the store turned around and sold it again. Frustrating! But it’s installed and Iguess that’s the risk you take buying a returned item. All seems to be good now and it should save us some $ by being more efficient and will use half the water of our old one—which had started rusting out inside.

61113 006

Whew! Sorry for that long drawn out story! lol

By the time we finally figured that out, it was 10 p.m. and it was hot. We ate some light ice cream (no picture) and relaxed a bit before bed.

I ended my day with over a 600 calorie deficit again- I’ll take that for the kind of day I had.

Better day today!


  1. you are doing so good!!! i love the pics!! And wow i am impressed you fixed the dishwasher!!

  2. That store sounds pretty shady! It's so sad when it's anything for a sale and they are dishonest just to make a buck.

  3. Your supper looks AWESOME. It sounds yummy, too! Oh. My. Word. The whole dishwasher saga would've resulted in about 4 bowls of non-low-fat ice cream for me. LOL You did good!

  4. Don't you hate it when salespeople (obviously commission based) are on you like vultures??? Ug. That said, yay you and your hubby for being handy!!! Um...our dishwasher has a little leak, think you could come and help?! :) I wish...'cause I'd love to meet you in person. Have a great day Alissa!

  5. I see why you couldn't talk last night !!!



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