Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sailing Lake Michigan

After our vacation to Cancun, we spent a couple of days with my sister and her family.

Cancun2013 134

We took a trip on the train to Chicago to go sailing! I’ll just share some photos from the day with you all.

Me and my sister.

Cancun2013 138My sister and family.

Cancun2013 140

The sailing excursion was from Navy Pier and was a Groupon we purchased. The excursion we took was all about pirates.

Cancun2013 150

Cancun2013 152

We had a beautiful view of the city!

Cancun2013 154

Here I am with hubby—ignore the crazy wind-blown hair!

Cancun2013 156

Cancun2013 157

And one more photo of my cute neice and nephews. Smile

Cancun2013 158

This was our first time on a sail boat and it was a fun experience! I love the activity Groupons—we have another one coming up soon!


  1. I know you had a blast with your sister!

  2. Been to chicago once for a business trip, would have LOVED to go sight seeing!!! Looks like a blast!!

  3. You take great pictures. It looks like you all had fun. My kids and I are planning a trip to Chicago for the end of the year. They want to get tickets for the Steve Harvey show while we're there.

  4. Fun times with sis!! Chicago is an exciting town. Aren't Groupons great!

  5. your striped bag is so cute! And your niece and nephews are ADORABLE!

  6. I hoped that you enjoyed your vacation to Cancun. I really hoped that your children enjoyed the pirate themed sailing trip. That is a great photo of the skyline. Those tall ships are beautiful, too bad that it was not a little sunnier. Those Groupons are a very good idea.

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