Friday, June 14, 2013

Weigh in day

I meant to post a lot more this week than I have! The week that was supposed to be low key turned out to be chaotic and busy. Next week? Maybe? I hope so!

I am not weighing every day anymore. I'm taking a big break from the scale and so I weigh once per week. This morning I weighed in and lost 2.1 lbs. in 6 days. I'm so happy for a loss. Onward and forward!


  1. I am happy for you! Congrats on the wight loss.


  2. So happy for you, Alissa! Sorry that the week was still hectic. I have decided life is NEVER going to slow down. Ugh. :-/

  3. Whoop Whoop!! That's a fantastic loss!! I know what you mean about hectic. I don't believe life slows down until you are too old to do anything.



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