Monday, July 22, 2013

Feeling Obese

Hello everyone!

So far I have had a good day today. I have counted my calories and I’m still within my target. I have decided I am not going to weigh for a few days. If I can at least hold my weight steady, it’s better than gaining.

I don’t know why this has to be so hard.

Yesterday I was feeling miserable, bloated, and just generally obese. I realized that I’m doing this to myself. I am allowing it to happen. Eating too much equals feeling lousy, and I’m the only one to blame for how I feel.

And guess what? It is possible to overeat healthy food. Generally, I’m a pretty healthy eater. I don’t remember the last time I ate greasy fast food. We don’t allow junk food in the house. I haven’t bought Twinkies or any other Hostess type packs since starting this journey years ago.

Not all fat people chow down on the most common food offenders of obesity.

But eating too much is eating too much, even if the eating too much is only done a couple of meals on the weekend.

My biggest problem lately has been not counting my calories. I get busy, busy, busy and forget to count my calories and before I know it, it’s the end of the day and I never got around to it. So I have no way of knowing how I’m really doing, even on good days.

So my goal this week is to be faithful at counting my calories every day and to exercise at least 5 days.

I don’t want to feel miserable any more!


  1. I have read your blog for years and I realize you are frustrated, but you are such an inspiration to so many, because your journey is real with obstacles and setbacks like life throws at all of us. You never give up and that is why you will take control of the food and fitness thing and not let it control you. I am fighting a similar fight. I was within 1 pound of my goal weight two years ago and have gained 20 pounds of the 45 I have lost. I have never stopped attending my weekly meetings at WW, but I have not worked the program or counted my points/calories very closely either. I have finally turned a corner this past week, by forgiving myself for being human and falling backwards on my journey. I am still on the journey and so are you! Good luck! We all believe in you out here in blogger world. I just wanted to reach out and tell you are not alone:)

  2. yes girl we are rooting for you!!!! you really inspired me in my journey and I want to see you succeed so bad!! I love how you have rewards and make healthy choices even when its hard. Its so hard. I am struggling too but a few weeks ago I made up my mind that I am going forward and not looking back. I made specific goals and rewards and it has really helped. Maybe try doing that again? re read some of your old posts? get new inspiration. You rock girl, never forget that, no matter what size you are, we love you!!! Now its time for you to love you, don't compare yourself to others compare yourself to the old you!! I heard that today on a blog and loved it LOL!

  3. YOu can do it Alissa! And we're here to support you any way you need! Take care!

  4. I think we all have those times where we feel obese, bloated and just yucky.

    I find that it helps me to plan the next day's food out, either online or on paper. Makes it much easier to stick to because you don't have to think about it.

  5. Set up goals! Print them and tick them when you reach those goals! It'll motivate you greatly

  6. You've got this!!! hang in there! You are strong and will conquer all of your goals!!!!

  7. Your weight loss banner say you have lost 66 pounds. You have been doing something right. You can continue to lose, you know what you need to do. Good luck!!

  8. I just posted on a previous board but just wanted to say what you've achieved is great. I've been there lost loads of weight and then regained it. It wasn't until I found some videos from the university of California that I truly understood that a calorie is not a calorie and fat does not make you fat. I would recommend anyone to watch the videos they can be found in the video library of this site (which is free) . I hope they helped they were a real eye opener for me. :o) well done on your achievements so far!



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