Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Scenic Train Ride

Train Ride 012

This past weekend, hubby and I took his parents out for their anniversary gift. We gave them a Groupon that included four tickets on a two hour scenic train ride and entrance to the railroad history museum. It was a nice day trip to Ames/Boone, Iowa and we were able to eat lunch at the famed Iowa restaurant, Hickory Park.

I’ll share a few pictures from the experience with you! We started with the museum, which was interesting because we live near where a railroad once ran and hubby grew up close to the railroad.

Train Ride 001

Train Ride 003

This is some service type vehicle that was used back in the day. The servicemen would pedal it along the tracks. Wouldn’t that be fun exercise? With no trains, of course.

Train Ride 002

And then we hopped on the train. We sat in the open air train. It was a beautiful and cool day.

Train Ride 010

The entire excursion was run by volunteers, just to keep the train going due to lack of funds.

Train Ride 017

Part of the ride included crossing a railroad trestle that is 156 ft. high. It was a little eerie, but a beautiful view! We stopped on the bridge and the locomotive let out steam to bring out a rainbow.

Train Ride 022

Train Ride 041

Train Ride 026

Train Ride 045

Can you see the little boy poking his head out the window? So cute.

Train Ride 029

Train Ride 028

I’m always taking photos of scenery. I just can’t resist nature against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky. It’s breath taking.

Train Ride 053

This is Iowa. I have grown to love the wide open spaces and the sense of freedom felt when standing in the middle of it all.

Yet another excursion, thanks to Groupon! What’s next?!


  1. The views from the trestle gave me a bit of an anxiety attack! Beautiful country side.

  2. I sure hope that boy didn't poke his head out as you all were going over the trestle. LOL Love that last pic, so gorgeous!

  3. That looks SOOOO fun!!! Hats off to the volunteers who keep the train running! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us Alissa!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Makes me wish I had purchased that groupon too!



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