Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Hungry Day

Today was my first “hungry” day.

I woke up hungry, so I started out with a bigger than usual breakfast which included protein. It was delicious, but at 500 calories it was more calories than I usually eat at breakfast—although not out of control or anything.

I thought that would hold me over but I was hungry by break time. I ate a serving of turkey jerky and that helped hold me over until lunch time.

For lunch, I ate a balanced meal with protein and veggies in a wrap. It was flavorful and really hit the spot, but it wasn’t long until I was hungry again.

For my snack, I ate some Bohemian plums. That’s what my husband’s family calls them—I’m really not sure what the official name is. But the plums are small, just a little larger than a grape. They are SO good.

But by supper time, I was getting to that dangerously hungry place. After being hungry all day, it was the end of the work day, and I was running low on calories. Having my evening bowl of popcorn keeps me sane while reducing my calories, so I knew that unless I could figure something low-calorie out for supper, I was going to be at a dangerous place and go over my calories. I also felt like I could eat anything.

And I came up with the most delicious and filling supper for about 200 calories! I sautéed zucchini with a little olive oil and garlic and topped it with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. It was flavorful and satisfying. I will definitely make that again!

And I still have calories left—Yay!

So I would say today was another good day—but it was dangerously on the edge. It was an accomplishment to stay on track today!


  1. HUNGRY days are positive for me personally. I feel like my body is truly using the food and I usually have a woosh right after. :) good job!

  2. Great accomplishment making it through those hungry days! Good for you!

  3. Oh I get those days too. 4pm is my trouble time! I get so hungry, and tend to mess up. So I made a list of 15 low-cal snacks and put it on the fridge. Depending on how hungry I am I pick something and make it. It helps me stop binging :)

    Good job! You are doing great! hang in there :)

  4. Hungry days can be hard but such a victory when you get through them without making bad choices!

    Good for you on doing great!

  5. protein snack.....hard boiled eggs, cut in half, pop the yolk out, and fill the "hole" with salsa. Cuts the calories big time, and absolutely delicious.

    Breakfast, 2 egg whites cooked in cooking spray. I use a VERY small round fry pan, about the size of an egg mc muffin. Serve on one half of a sandwich thin, eat the other half with small portion of sugar free spread. Seems like you are eating more than you think, and it is filling.

    Snack...I like a glass of wine in the afternoon, but have water in a wine glass instead. I have crudités, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. dipped in low fat/low calorie Italian salad dressing. Crunch is my weakness!

    Not only are all of these thing delicious, they are low in sodium, which can really mess you up, even though the calories are low.



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