Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Good Day

I had another good day today on track.

I had to go into the office today and it happened to be another day where there was a potluck. I packed a healthy lunch and didn’t eat any of the tempting treats- not even the cupcakes and not even the cookies. Victory!

I told myself that I would rather save my calories for enjoying a good meal with my hubby. Or enjoying a cupcake from my favorite cupcakery because they are always worth the calories. But right now, I’m not eating those things.

I have to admit I came home from work hungry without many options for supper. I ended up eating a “breakfast for supper” type meal and it was delicious! I felt like I wanted to eat more, so I am blogging instead and hoping that hunger will pass. I had enough to eat!

As it is, I have enough calories for my nightly popcorn. Yippee! I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough calories left over.

Today, I wore the new dress that I bought last weekend. It always makes me feel better to dress nicely. Although I will be happy when my stomach shrinks some and I’m not so self-conscious of it! Here I am in my new outfit—it’s pink!


So only a few more days until weigh in—I hope to see some good results after this hard work!


  1. You look very pretty in that dress and in that color. Glad you are having good days!

  2. So pretty in pink. Yesterday we had an office party, but I didn't do good like you. Next time, I will do better.

  3. Love the dress! I feel like I have to avoid goodies at the office everyday too.

  4. Love the dress! You look beautiful :)

  5. LOVE the dress, so proud of you!

  6. your outfit is adorable! Looks great on you.

  7. Pink really suits you.




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