Thursday, August 22, 2013

I see beauty…

Today at Target I saw a woman who looked like she was anorexic. Nothing but skin and bones. I noticed the pack of diet soda in her cart and I thought to myself, “girl—it’d be ok for you to drink regular”. But it made me realize that we all have our struggles.

If we’re not too fat, we’re too thin. So many people struggle with their weight and it’s not always because they are a little too fluffy. Some people are naturally very skinny and they have just as bad a body image as those of us who have a few too many extra pounds on our bones.

Guess what guys and gals? It takes all kinds of kinds.

Beauty is not about how fat or how thin we are; isn’t what truly matters what’s found in the depths of our hearts?

I see beauty when I see a young person take the initiative to help an elderly person.

I see beauty when a stranger with a smile holds open the door for me.

I see beauty when there is forgiveness, even when it’s not deserved.

I see beauty when no retort is made to rudeness. It breaks the chain.

I see beauty in kindness.

I see beauty in the generosity of those who have little to give but still do.

I see beauty in the gentle arms of love’s embrace.

I see beauty in the simple words of “thank you”.

I see beauty in those who not only bend their knees to pray, but bend their own will simply to preserve peace.

I see beauty in old couples who still hold hands.

I see beauty in commitment, in trust, and in honesty.

I see beauty in putting others first.

This is what real beauty is—and all of these things aren’t a result of DNA, the newest weight loss fad, or fame and fortune.

You are as beautiful as you choose to be.

And folks, this is the kind of drop dead gorgeous I want to be.


  1. Beautifully put! I have to remind myself that whenever I think mean thoughts about skinny people that it says more about me than them. The most caring person at my work who never makes me feel ugly and fat when I talk about eating and exercise is the skinniest person I know. But she never makes me feel less because I'm not and she is beautiful.

  2. I always look at skinny girls and think just because they are skinny doesnt mean they are healthy inside. I rather be healthy then skinny.

  3. Loved the post :) Made me feel so positive.

  4. Well put. We just shouldn't judge anybody, period.

  5. Beautiful post, Alissa! One of my best friends struggles with being too thin and she's one of the only people I share my overweight struggles with. Not because she can relate to the struggles, but because she is a beautiful person, in the way you just described!

  6. That was simply a lovely post. Thanks for inspiring me x

  7. Gorgeous post. Love it.

    Maxine F



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