Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I have been so wrapped up in the fact that I haven't been losing weight that I didn't take the time to realize that I have STOPPED GAINING.

That is an accomplishment. 

Since the end of May, my weight has fluctuated within 5 lbs. I would call that maintenance, which is much better than gaining! The goal is to lose weight, but as long as I'm not gaining... I have to give myself credit for that! 

I quit my second job at the end of May and it seems that ever since then I have been happier in general. I know that makes a big difference in the weight department. I also think I was depressed over the winter for a variety of reasons, but I've been doing a lot better. Do I have stressful days? Sad moments? Of course, but not like I did this past winter. The nice weather helps a lot, but so does making changes in your life.

I went to the doctor today and she was very happy with my numbers and that gave me a boost of motivation to be healthy. By the next time I go to see her, I'd like to lose a few lbs. that's 6 months from now and I'm pretty sure I could do that.


  1. Not gaining weight is a great accomplishment many of us overlook - I spent so much of my life gaining weight, it is actually a weird anomaly that I don't do that anymore (well - not weird, I work to make it that way!!!).

  2. That is a victory! Sometimes we get so caught up in the disappointment of not losing the weight we want each week, that we sabotage ourselves and start gaining. Maintaining is definitely better then gaining!

  3. I'm really pleased to see you back and updating. Well done on being happier. That can make a huge difference. I KNOW I am an emotional eater and it's been when I've been most unhappy that I put on the most weight, Equally, my weight SOARED after I got married as I was happy and enjoyed life more. It IS hard to find the balance. We just need to be strong and find that right balance. Are you still on WW? I'm doing it online and it suits me so much better than the meetings. Everything is just in front of you on the pc and it's the only way I can stay disciplined and we've both done well on it in the past. Keep working at it my lovely, it's a lifelong battle for some of us. x

  4. Keep your diet clean and your stress (cortisol) low. It's a lot of work, then automatic habits set in. The new normal. Food quality counts.

  5. I miss you!!! please come back to us!!!

  6. You ARE victorious and I congratulate you on your latest accomplishment. Winning and succeeding are in your DNA girl. Stay strong!

  7. Glad you are back Alissa! And glad things are going well.

  8. This tips have served me well. (1) Stop drinking sugary drinks (Including Fruit Juice) - Don't buy them and don't bring them into your life.
    (2) Make sure you're including enough fibre in your diet. This will reduce the amount of insulin produced by your body.
    (3) Wait 20 mins for second portions.
    (4) Exercise

    I now look at weight loss from a blood sugar/insulin perspective rather than calories in / calories out. Anyway...really like your blog I'm a beginner so apologies if anyone looks at it.



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