Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rest Day but Exhausted

I had a plan to write a post about my entire day. I took pictures and everything. But now I am worn out and too tired to put the post together. Baby was extra fussy tonight and it seems the only thing that can calm her down is mama. So any time to myself is pretty much nil. So is the life of a mother, I believe.

Since I get 2 rest days per week, I took today as my first one since I had to take the cat to the vet during the time that baby usually takes a longer nap where I can fit in part of my workout. So no workout today.

I haven’t entered my calories from supper time on-- in parallel with the crazy night. Yep, probably went over them a bit today.

But I did cook a healthy turkey chili for supper. Probably sounds odd for this time of year, but it was kind of rainy and cooler today.

I was looking for a good turkey meat loaf recipe that wasn’t high in calories but didn’t have the time to search too hard and didn’t find any quickly. Any recommendations on a recipe?

I’m trying to get back into the blogging groove. Not quite sure the direction my posts will take this time around. Not sure I will ever have the time for the detailed posts of pre-mamahood—but that’s ok. I’m sure there will be plenty of topics to write about as baby grows!

I wanted to get a blog makeover by a graphic designer—and I had one all picked out (Hubby Jack), but apparently he is no longer blogging or designing! Bummer! Recommendations for good blog designers (who don’t charge an arm and a leg) would be appreciated.

I’ve already been contacted for my first product review since I’ve been back—so stay tuned for that! I should get the product soon. Fun! Also, if you have a product you’d like reviewed… I am taking requests again!

So tomorrow will be back at the workouts. Yay? Smile


  1. i have been thinking about chilli latley too! its super hot here tho :( but i would love to see a day in the life from you if you get a chance to do one!! Hubby jack did my design so not sure :( maybe you could try to contact him and see if he recomends someone!

  2. We eat chilis and soups all year round. It's mostly because I need fast meals that can be done in the crockpot for Wednesday nights. No recipe recommendation, but I do know one friend told me she made her meatloaf with half lean turkey and half lean beef (1 lb of each). She said it was moist that way, instead of dry with turkey only, and held together really well with nowhere near the amount of grease regular meatloaf produces. I'm not a great cook. I just use the McCormick's meatloaf seasoning packet and recipe on the back and then mix ketchup, brown sugar, and bbq sauce together for the topping. I rarely make it. I'm sure you'll find a good one.



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