Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Getting Back on Track with Weight Loss

It’s time to get serious with weight loss again. There’s baby weight to be lost and then there’s also weight to be lost that I gained before pregnancy. I’m am pretty much starting all over again but I’m trying not to let that affect my attitude and motivation. I thought I’d put together a list of what’s necessary to get back on track with weight loss. Here we go…

Mark the Destination

In any journey, you have to know where you’re going in order to get there. It’s no different in weight loss. This is the big picture, the ultimate destination. There will surely be many stops (mini goals) along the way.

My goal has always been to lose half of my body weight from my highest (non-pregnant) weight. My ultimate destination is 144 lbs.

Have a Plan

What’s the method of transportation to get you to your goal?

I plan on counting calories using My Fitness Pal and syncing up with Body Media to track my calorie burn. To begin, I will aim for 30 minutes of activity 3 days per week—I plan to do this by going for walks. I’m setting a very achievable goal to get started—but will change it as I progress.

Set a Short-Term Goal

Choose a small and obtainable goal that will take you on the first leg of the weight loss journey.

My first mini-goal is to lose 10 lbs.

Find Support

This is probably the most important tool in weight loss. Support comes in many different ways. Blogging is a wonderful support system, enlist the help of your spouse or a friend, or even just reading fitness or health related magazines helps.

I plan on blogging about my journey and also actually start reading all of those healthy and fitness magazines I’m subscribed to! My hubby has been changing his habits (and hasn’t stopped since we started the last time!) and my dad is also doing a great job of losing weight. I can get support from them and other family members and friends.

Reward Yourself

Anyone who followed my weight loss journey the first time around knows how much I believe in rewarding yourself for losing weight. This makes the entire process a little more fun. There should be small rewards for mini-goals and maybe a larger reward for the ultimate goal.

My reward for meeting my mini-goal is to get a pedicure. I am holding true to this one. My feet are a mess (and have been!) but I am not allowing myself a pedicure until I lose those 10 lbs.

My ultimate goal reward is to go to Hawaii—I never met this goal the first time around and I am going to keep going for it!

Do you have any diet tips or lifestyle change tips for getting back on track with weight loss to add to the list? I’d love to hear any ideas that you have for either getting back on track or things that you have already found success doing. Hit up the comments!

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  1. Don't forget to be kind to yourself. There will be slipups along the way and that is okay, so don't get down on yourself. :)

    1. That's a good one...and something I struggle with!

  2. I just started again myself...we can keep each other accountable.

    Go Alissa Go!

  3. Remember the weight on takes a while. I am just one year past giving birth and I am still 2lbs over my weight when I started. I find it is hard for me, not like most of the bloggers out there where it melts right off.

  4. I say just believe that you can lose the weight. Stay positive, always remember why you are working out and what you are trying to achieve. Find a plan that works for you and one that you enjoy because that is the only way you will stick with it. Good luck. I have just restarted my journey as well and the advice that I am giving to you I have given to myself.



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