Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Penny Pinching Tip: How to get Starbucks for Free

Everyone, I am obsessed with all of these smart phone savings apps! I have been saving money like crazy since I discovered them and I thought I would share since I am loving this so much (and, let’s be honest, because you earn $5 per referral).

But really, who doesn’t want Starbucks for free? And if you don’t like Starbucks, you can redeem the money via PayPal, venmo, Regal Entertainment Group (movies), or iTunes. Let me explain.

The app is called Ibotta and you can download it in your app store. Click on my link to download though and help me earn more money for Starbucks! Winking smile My referral code is kwonbeg.

Here’s how it works. Various “rebates” are added to Ibotta for groceries, alcohol, healthy & beauty, apparel, electronics, restaurants, special occasions, pets, home improvement, babies & kids, and even movie theaters. You simply go to one of the locations listed such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, etc., make your purchases, verify the items by scanning the bar codes, take a picture of your receipt and then await your earnings. They’re really quick at processing them too. Once you have met the $5 minimum for Paypal/venmo or the $10 minimum for the giftcard options, you can redeem your earnings. It literally took minutes for me to receive my gift card.

I have saved $24.75 in about 2 weeks or so. And I am not buying things that we don’t need or want. Seriously, they have rebates on things like Chobani yogurt, milk, bread, eggs, cleaning supplies, meat, bottled water, etc. I earned $10 by purchasing my formula from

You form a team with all of your friends and can earn more rewards that way. There are bonuses for making certain purchases and I’ve made quite a few dollars by those too.

So check it out! And I’m not posting on behalf of Ibotta or anything—totally just wanted to share my new obsession!

So here’s the referral link:
and my referral code: kwonbeg

I have more savings apps that I will share with you in the future!! What’s your favorite money saving app?


  1. Ebates!!! Hands down the easiest and best way to wave money. If you don't do it, I'll refer you. My email is

  2. Walmart Savings Catcher App; eBates (if you do alot of online shopping)... not a cash back or rewards app but MyRegister is an electronic check register and made a world of difference for us. Never had alot of luck with ibotta - perhaps it's geographic - but not alot of items I would routinely purchase

    1. I have tried to use ebates over and OVER but it rarely ever gives me credit for my purchases. So frustrating! So I quit. :(

  3. very cool, off to check it out.



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