Thursday, September 4, 2014


I apologize to anyone who wrongly interpreted my post from this afternoon. I am not judgemental of others but can see how someone might have interpreted my post that way. That wasn't my intention.  Instead,  I will give you the final point I apparently failed to make....

Spending time cultivating inward beauty is far more important than having physical beauty. And this is what I truly want to be known for.


  1. Well, I totally missed the other post and see it has now been removed. I hate when I post something and it doesn't come out to others how I know I meant it! Your next-to-last sentence is 100% true!

  2. I thought it was very good and true! Some people will find bad in anything :(

  3. I read the last post and though I didn't comment as it was very late last night *in the UK* when I read it I didn't have chance to comment. I thought it was a very valid point and very well written. This is your blog to share YOUR thoughts, I get frustrated when single individuals take offense. If that's the case, they need to find different blogs to read. Don't feel bad for having an opinion and sharing it. xxx

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