Friday, September 12, 2014

Weigh in Day

I gained .2 today. Bummer. But that’s practically staying the same and while I know the goal is to lose weight, I assume that next week I will have a bigger loss. I hope!

Plus, as we know—slow and steady has always been my game in this weight loss thing.

I’ll give it another week at the same points goal and if I still don’t lose, I will take a closer look at my plan and reduce points if necessary.

I was kind of expecting another big loss on week 2, but I was already eating pretty healthy prior to starting and I think that does factor into things. The important thing is that I don’t throw in the towel but that I have faith in the plan.

One important thing is that I am FEELING smaller. Probably less bloated, etc. That’s a good feeling.

On another note, I got my free gift for joining WW.


I got a cook book, collapsible measuring cups, a microwave steamer, stickers with points on them, and a case type thing. I love the style of the case, too bad it says WW!! But I suppose that’s the point. Winking smile

Have a good weekend!


  1. Don't forget it's going to take your body some time to get used to dieting again, particularly while you're still breastfeeding. You're still healing! :)

  2. Aw, bummer. I know that stunk to see, but you had SUCH a big loss over those previous few days. It will all even out, and it really is basically maintaining! Hormones do mess with all that stuff, too. Love the free gift! I almost signed up for WW online last week or so, and I saw they were offering this. I don't have a smartphone, though, so I bet having WW online wouldn't be worth my money. I dunno???

    1. It would certainly make it easier to have a smart phone but you can also track online with a computer or ipad, etc.

    2. Staci- I don't have a smart phone but still track using the computer.

  3. No worries about the gain... I'm sure next week will be a good loss for you. Continued luck on your journey. I joined online in February but just recently in august started using the program again (yes I was wasting my money during the months in between ugh) I never got a free gift. Enjoy!

  4. Yep, consistency is key. Your body will adjust as you continue to eat healthier. Good job with staying upbeat! :)

  5. I bet you will have a great loss next week :)



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