Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 2/5 Complete and Working out as a Mom

I am slightly sore today; namely my quads, pectorals and knees. But it’s not so bad. I feel better overall. BUT maybe I should take some ibuprofen prior to my workout tomorrow because I felt a little lethargic due to the soreness.

Today I tried completing the 30 Day Shred while baby was awake. I put her under her hanging toys and got to work. She was ok at first but got increasingly fussy. I had to pause for a few seconds here and there to give her a toy or move her under different hanging toys to keep her entertained. She watched me do jumping jacks a bit and fussed when I stopped to rest  ( lol ) and also watched Jillian and the girls do jumping jacks for a bit.

Overall, it wasn’t the best way to complete a workout, but at least I got it done. The biggest failure is that when I was finished I didn’t feel “refreshed”, instead I felt stressed because I spent most of the workout worrying about the baby. BUT I think she may have been getting tired because it wasn’t too long after I finished the workout that she went down for a nap.

There is no way I’d be able to walk or run on the treadmill while she is awake though. It’s a little more difficult to stop a workout like that to entertain a baby. Although, I shouldn’t say never until I actually try it. She might be happy a bit longer if I put her in her jumperoo.

But it is possible for moms to workout with a baby. It just takes motivation, planning and patience.

I’m working on the motivation, can you tell? This week is a success! I also have had to plan accordingly. I.E. get dressed and ready for my workout when baby is happily sleeping or happily playing. That way, I can workout when she is happily playing or happily sleeping. And everyone stays happy, you see? ; )

This new mom thing is definitely a learning experience! Slowly but surely I am getting it. I shouldn’t say that because babies know when parents are starting to feel more confident and then throw their parents a curveball to let them know who’s boss!! Let me be clear, I am getting better but I am also a beginner and still learning! (please don’t throw me another curveball, dear baby)


  1. I think you are doing fantastic!! Way to go, I find it hard to motivate myself and I don't have a baby, I can only imagine how I will be with one. You are doing great!

  2. Babies are a mess all around! LOL Being a mom the 4th time wasn't much easier because it was a new kid with a different personality. Lol You're doing great. I agree about the stress. I def remember times when I just about threw my hands up! You're awesome. Keep it up!

  3. Send some motivation this way
    I don't have kids, so I shouldn't even have an excuse but I always look for one :(



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