Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 4/5 of Week 2 Complete

Just checking in to let you know that I completed day 4/5. One more day!

I decided to get it done first thing this morning so that it was done and over with. Now I can relax (sort of) for the rest of the day without worrying about working out. Yay!

I want to go on to do 5 days of Level 3 next week. Mostly because of my type A personality. It wouldn’t feel complete without adding on 5 days of Level 3 and it would just bug me- even though I’m ready for something a little different and with less impact!

Who’s with me? April, are you in again? Smile

1 comment :

  1. I'm in with you! Funny you mentioned that you wanted to change it up, I do too, I have to keep those x's going on the chart to even it out, so I know what you mean!



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