Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What’s up in my world

Happy October!

On the weight loss front, it’s hard to believe that a month has almost passed since I started Weight Watchers again. I will be hoping to have a loss on Friday so that I can at least see a tiny bit of progress for the month. I’ll be honest, I am still struggling—but the scale has been showing a tiny bit of love anyways.

Baby girl is 5 months old today. Where has the time gone?


I put together her height chair yesterday because pretty soon she will be starting to eat solids! For now, I let her sit in it and play while we eat supper. She likes to be able to see what’s going on at the table. Nosy little baby. hehe She was pretty excited to sit in it!


We have gone camping a couple of times, including a night last weekend. It is fun! After baby goes to sleep, hubby and I can have some time just sitting by the fire and talking under the stars.


We plan to do a lot more camping next year. We invested in a little camper and it’s just perfect for our little family.


In other news, I used some of my birthday money to buy the Skinny Taste cookbook! I’m pretty excited to try out some recipes soon.


I have been loving my coffee lately. I didn’t drink much (and only decaf) when I was pregnant. What’s your favorite K-Cup? Mine has been the Door County Heavenly Caramel. There’s a local store that sells it.

I have been struggling with what to blog about lately. I’m obviously struggling in the weight loss department so don’t feel like I have a whole lot to share there. I don’t want to QUIT blogging because I like to do it and I have not quit trying in the weight loss department either. What topics do you like to read about? What has drawn you to this blog in the past? now?

I do feel like I am making tiny steps. I’m starting to get back into old (healthy) habits that went to the way-side while pregnant. Slowly but surely. Maybe it just takes some time.


  1. Honestly, I just like it when you yap. I don't really care about what. Lol And pics of Sienna don't hurt anything. ;)

  2. Holy mother of goodness! I guess I have been gone a long time. I didn't know you had a baby! She is gorgeous!

  3. she is sooooooooooo cute!!!! love the pics!! the pic of you holding her and feeding her a bottle really makes me want a baby!! ahhh!! baby fever!! LOL yes blog about anything, we miss hearing about your life!!



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