Friday, October 24, 2014

Where did the week go?

Wow—where did the time go? I’ve been busy this week and haven’t even checked in. And it’s Friday already!

We’ll start with weigh in today—I was up 1.8 lbs. but I was expecting a gain because I went off plan for an anniversary meal and then ended up going off plan the next day for pretty much the entire day.

I got back on track yesterday and am doing well today. I actually feel so much better and more satisfied following my eating plan.

I literally did not have a spare moment Monday through Wednesday so I didn’t get my workouts in. I will complete Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred starting on Monday since I didn’t get that in. That’s ok though. Life happened.

My parents visited and my mom stayed for part of the week. That was nice!

Hubby and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and actually got to go out on our first real date since baby was born. There was sushi, Japanese food, and cupcakes. It was fun spending quality time together.


I also hosted a little “crafternoon”. A few of us made burlap wreaths. It was fun and I loved how mine turned out! All of ours were different.


I am loving the fresh flowers in the house. Hubby brought me roses, I’m still enjoying a few flowers from my birthday bouquet, and someone brought flowers to the crafternoon. Pretty!


And I thought I’d end with a picture of baby and her pretty eyes. Smile



  1. Happy anniversary! Glad to hear you got come quality time with your hubby. Also way to go getting. Back on track yesterday, I find at times it can be hard once we relax for celebrations.

  2. Funny how going out alone with your spouse becomes such a big deal after baby! But at the same time, you find yourself talking about your kids nearly the whole time! Lol I love your wreath! I think it needs a big K right in the middle. :) Those yellow flowers are my favorite. I love yellow flowers of any kind. I bet your mom just loved being there with big eyes for a few days!



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