Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A little more progress… and getting antsy to blog about my new diet plan

As I mentioned, I’m not going to do an official weigh in day anymore—when I make progress, I will count it as progress whenever it is! I will expect another loss 1 week from each loss—if I don’t have another loss in 1 week, I will report it as a gain.

This morning I lost another .6 lbs. bringing me to 4.1 lbs. lost total since 10/10/14. Not too shabby! I’m not yet back to that 5 lbs. I initially lost, but I’m losing just fine. And it’s really encouraging to be able to acknowledge the loss—no matter how small!

I don’t know if I can wait until 10 lbs. lost to tell you all of the details of my new plan (my original promise because I wanted to make sure this wasn’t just another fad). I just love it so much. I can’t even tell you how incredibly different I feel. And food doesn’t hold me hostage anymore (at least not very often). I like the real foods I’m eating. I’m not hungry all the time. And I’m having a lot of fun experimenting in the kitchen—and I can’t wait to share the recipes!

I’ll keep going at it…come on 10 lbs.!!

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