Friday, November 14, 2014

And I’m down more weight!

Yipee!! I lost weight this week. I was down another .8 lb. this morning for a total loss of 6.6 lbs.!

I was afraid I was going to have a gain this week since my last loss was last Saturday. That was cutting it pretty close! Now I hope I’m on the losing end again. Those 10 lbs. are getting closer to being gone!! Pedicure…here I come!

Have you signed up for the #THB5K 2014? Sign up—I’d be all over this if this wasn’t my blog and I wasn’t the one giving the gift cards away!! hehe


  1. congrats in the loss! im dying to know what you are doing. i hope you talk about it soon

  2. You really doing well in progress.I want to say for healthy living Healthy Food and Healthy Eating ,daily diet plays an important role. To get healthy and fit a proper and balanced, diet is necessary.



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