Monday, November 17, 2014

So you think you’re old and fat?

In the past few weeks, multiple women in their 50s have commented to me, “if I wasn’t so old and fat…”, and each time I was taken aback and I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging wide open while I tried to think of the right words to say. The words never came and instead I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. But these interactions continued to weigh on my mind, and I felt guilty that I didn’t have the right words for these women.

Not once did I think to myself, “boy, this woman sure is fat and old”, or anything to that effect at all, actually! To be honest, I actually thought to myself, “she is pretty” or “she has such nice hair”, or “I hope to look that good at that age”. So when these women made negative comments about their appearance, I was surprised! These were confident and good looking women—and they were not fishing for compliments—they genuinely felt bad about their appearances.

There is something beautiful about women 50s and up. I hope that when I reach that age that I can be one of those women who is not embarrassed about my age, but that I rather embrace it with pride. You can always be young at heart—even at 90.

We are far more critical of ourselves than we are of others. How often have you looked at a woman and thought, “boy, she sure looks fat and old”? More than likely, you have been so wrapped up in thinking about how “fat and old” you feel that you haven’t even noticed the other women. Either that, or you’ve been thinking things like “boy, I sure wish I looked more like her instead of how fat and old I look” while the said woman is thinking the same thing about you.

There is beauty in all ages. It’s a different kind of beauty, but beauty none the less. No greater and no less. There’s a story of life lived in those wrinkles and gray hair. The younger years and a younger beauty are elusive—you can no longer get them back. Embrace the beauty of today and cherish the memories of yesterday. Most importantly, don’t hate yourself and stop the negative talk—it’s bad for your. Do good for your body, soul and mind—after all, what really makes you beautiful is within.


  1. Such a wonderful post that speaks right to my heart. My daughter (23yo) and I were just talking about this on the way home from the gym yesterday. I am 51 and told her I stopped caring about how I looked because "I'm just old and fat". She laughed and said she was surprised I would even think others thought that way. Your post is as if you were in the car with us! I am on a journey to drop my weight and become a stylish 50+ woman! No longer "old and fat". I can't stop the years but I can stop the pounds! Thanks again!

  2. Is it sad that I'm almost 28 yet I feel like I'm 50 :(
    That's gotta change!!!



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