Thursday, November 13, 2014

Update for the week

Hello everyone! Are you excited about the #THB5K? What do you think about the prizes? So far there are only 7 signed up, and that includes me. So it looks like you’re all winning a prize at this point! Those of you who aren’t signed up…what’s holding you back? Get over there and sign up! Make sure that you use Rafflecopter…if you don’t, you won’t be entered in the giveaway.

So what do you think about the new blog design? I’m working on getting things cleaned up and updated—but that process could take some time! I am loving the new look though. Much cleaner. Let me know what you think!

My mom came to stay for the past few days. It was super nice having her here. It allowed me go out and take some photos for a side job. She helps out around the house constantly—and it was a much needed break.

Baby girl hasn’t been feeling very well…something has been a little off for the past week. She has done pretty well today, but I noticed her taking her naps a little early so she must be tired. Last night she only cried a few times for her pacifier—so that’s some improvement. She was sleeping through the night without a peep up until last week. Interrupted sleep really wears on you…I have been pretty lucky.

I haven’t had a loss since Saturday. The scale has been all over the place—so I hope I can lose by this Saturday and not have to count a gain. I enjoyed all kinds of losses last week—practically every day!

It has gotten cold here! Monday it was in the 60s and today it’s in the 20s. Brrrrr! The last I knew it was May! I swear, these past 6 months have zoomed by. I hardly remember a summer in there…but it happened.

Have a great day!

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