Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I have a confession to make…

I never got around to completing the #THB5K! STILL HAVEN’T! (Anyone who wants to say “well, you should have planned better” can get off your high horse and acknowledge that life happens!)

And I know I’m not the only one. Do you know how many of you could have won the $50 Amazon gift card but didn’t because you never completed the 5K? I had to keep picking new winners!

And this year I understand because I’m living the life of a mom (how those of you with more than one child do it are heros). It can be very hard to juggle life and get in exercise. It can be done, but it can be very difficult sometimes. And I don’t think it’s too big of a deal if we cut ourselves some slack once in a while. Especially on a holiday.

My excuses? As I explained on a previous post, baby was awake every hour in the night and waking up early didn’t happen (I was up at 6 anyways), I prepared my dishes and it was time to leave before I was even showered and dressed myself. Black Friday was busy busy busy. I don’t think I got to sit down and relax. I also felt sick and had a horrible headache. And my brother was visiting for the first time in almost a year. And so I planned for Saturday…and then I felt sick again. And on and on. I have lots of excuses!

But as much as I didn’t want to tell you, and just let it pass on by like nothing was up…I’m too honest for that. lol So there it is. I didn’t even participate in my own 5K. But I still gave away the prizes, so that’s the important part, right? Winking smile

So I’m thinking… how about this year we have a “Oops…I didn’t get the #THB5K completed but I’m making up for it now” 5K? Now I’m not even going to consider making this an annual event. lol…but maybe just for this year.

And I’ll give away a prize or two. Smaller ones.

And all of you super organized and dedicated people out there who finished the #THB5K—you can do it again and earn an extra entry or two just for having finished the original 5K.

Also—I will keep this one open for a while with no specific day to complete it. That way those of us who are struggling right now won’t have any excuses.

Who would be up for this one? Anyone else pretty disappointed in yourself for not fitting the 5K in? Smile


  1. Sleep before exercise. Always. One heals inflammation. On fuels inflammation if there's lack of sleep. Choose low inflammation. Low stress.

  2. It is so easy for any outsiders looking in to say "EXCUSES!!!" I know. Before I had kids, I was sooooo "not gonna be like that" when I had a baby/kids. I knew just how to handle everything in life... before I had a life. LOL With little ones, days can slip by before stuff gets accomplished ESP when they're little. Now that mine are growing up some, things are way less complicated... and I have less excuses! Or at least different ones. :) If my ankles would let me, I would do the 5K. But instead, I am doing 1 mile at a time three times. Ha! :) I've done 2.25 this week. Of course I don't expect to be entered for that! Just reporting that I'm not being lazy. Hehe

  3. Oh, and all babies are different. There are some people out there with a baby or two who are jewels to be desired and still thing other moms are nuts. Haha

  4. I was blessed to be able to run with 4 kids, because my husband was home and best friend to help with food! Couldn't have done it otherwise!
    I would like to participate again...

  5. I didn't complete it either, due to the last of 3 kiddos finishing up with some nasty stomach bug!! And I was kind of weak because I wasn't eating because I lost my appetite while caring for them:-( Rberyone is recovered and I'm up to fitting it in!! Should we just e mail you when we complete it?? Thanks for the adjustment to the challenge, it's appreciated!!

  6. I was glad I signed up because it was cold and I didn't really want to do it. So... Thanks for doing it because it got me moving. I'm pretty low-tech with social media so I'm not sure if I got signed up or not, but that wasn't the point.

  7. I ran 14 miles that day - including the Turkey Trot 5k I had signed up for - but forgot to take a pic, so I didn't think I was eligible to "officially enter." Sigh. Thanks for the motivation, though!

  8. Babies change everything. You just have to stick with it!

  9. I finished my 5K, but I have not stuck with getting back on track and losing some of the weight I've gained this year. So...I feel your pain.

    You just keep giving it a go and you'll get it. I'm doing fine with exercise finally, but my food is where I need to keep giving it a go.

    Hang in there and kudos for you being honest on here! :)

  10. I think we find time for the things that are priorities in our life & your baby is your priority right now. As for me, I didnt complete the challenge on Thanksgiving day bc it rained - not really an excuse bc I've ran in the rain before & as much as I loathe the treadmill I could have jumped on. Friday, we were busy all day, but again no excuse I could have started my day an hour earlier. It finally got done on Saturday AM.



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