Tuesday, January 20, 2015

10 Things That Helped Me Lose Almost 90 lbs.

I am not new to this weight loss game. I lost almost 90 lbs. not all that long ago. Apparently, I knew how to lose the weight then yet I am struggling to figure out how to lose it now! Funny the way that works.

Here are 10 things that helped me lose the weight:

1. I Planned to Exercised: I remember waking up during the 4 a.m. hour to work out before going to work for the day. I made it part of my routine so that I would get it done. I remember mornings struggling through the Couch to 5K Week 1 (for months) on a used and worthless treadmill in the living room. I remember moments of triumph and strength as I met my goals.

2. I Made Exercise Fun: Hubby joined me in countless walks that eventually became runs. We biked together—even biked 26 miles one time! We took swimming lessons together. We had so much fun being active together.

3. I Blogged Regularly and Honestly: Back in those days there was no fear of someone I know in “real life” reading my blog and judging me for how much I struggle with my weight and food. I blogged honestly about my struggles and it was good for me. I worked through issues and kept myself accountable in a fun way.

4. I Said No: This is something that I struggle with today. They say self-control is a muscle that has to be worked over and over again until it’s strengthened. However, this muscle can also become weak again. Back in my successful days, I was able to say “no” to the delicious treats and foods that I love so much.

5. I Practiced Moderation: While I did say “no” more often, I also allowed myself decadent food in moderation. I could eat a cupcake from my favorite cupcakery now and again. I could eat all foods—just in moderation. Nothing was truly off limits—and this really worked for me.

6. I Guzzled H2O: Seriously. My co-workers used to tease me about all of the water I brought to work every day. There are so many benefits to being faithful about drinking water—like feeling healthier and having more vibrant skin.

7. I Set Goals: Who remembers my Columbia fleece jacket that I earned for losing 40 lbs.? Or the pedicures? Or my ever elusive goal of taking a trip to Hawaii when I meet goal weight? These goals at every 10 lbs. were motivational.

8. I Remembered Personal Motivators: The reason I began my weight loss journey was largely in part to a Doctor who scared me into it. She told me she was worried I would have a stroke and that she did not recommend me getting pregnant. Being healthy enough to have a baby was a big motivating factor for me, and I did it—and we have a beautiful baby girl because of it.

9. I Changed How I Treated Myself: I used to hate myself—even more than I sometimes loathe myself now that I’m starting again. I had incredibly poor self-esteem. I changed that so much. I started treating myself kindly and I nipped negative thoughts about my self-worth in the bud. I changed my mind and I made big changes in my life because of it.

10. I Envisioned a New Me: There is a lot to be said about the power of imagination. When I huffed and puffed my way through 30 seconds of running, I would envision that I was seconds from completing a marathon. I would envision who I wanted to be—healthy, energetic, toned, athletic, and happy. And then I worked hard to become that person.

The truth is, I know how to do this—I just have to practice what I already know and that’s the hard part. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.


  1. These are all very good points. It was good to do a post about it. I often ask myself WHY could I do this all those years ago and stay so consistent and focused but now I can't! Well, a lot has changed since that first time (I've doubled in kids, started homeschooling, more responsibilities, etc), but it can still be done! Surely! People do it all the time. Sooo... anyway. :) Enjoyed your post.

  2. So true. Much easier said than done, but you definitely have the tools needed.

  3. all these are perfect points, this post is a great reminder for being track

  4. This makes me want to cry! I am looking for all of these things in myself and working towards them all..
    Thank you for posting this. I appreciate your blog so much!



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