Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Self Image: His View and My View

I truly do not understand why my husband loves me sometimes, but he does. Thankfully.

On Saturday, I told hubby that I was going to hop on the treadmill to get my walk in while the baby was napping and he encouraged me to go take a walk outside instead because it was beautiful out. I took his suggestion and off I went.

Shortly after I walked by the window I received this text from him:


It made me smile and it got me thinking.

This is how I was feeling: Fat. Disgusting. Gross. Bloated. Like a teenager with an acne breakout. A hot mess. Jiggly. Exhausted. Hair flying every which way. Too big for my clothes. Largest butt on earth.

But yet he still wanted to tell me he found me attractive. I am pretty lucky to have a man who loves me that much. Now I need to love me that much.

Hubby has seen me at my worst (which is pretty much right now) and he has seen me at my best—but he loves me and he tells me he thinks I am attractive no matter what size I am.

And when I am feeling my worst, I don’t believe him. I can’t comprehend how he could possibly see beauty in me when I feel so ugly and fat. But then I realized that he never stops giving me compliments—the man really means it.

He’s probably blinded by love or something, but still—that’s unconditional love and I am thankful for it with every ounce, every single extra one of them, of who I am.


  1. AWWW! Your hubby is a keeper! (and he's lucky to have you too!) You take care Alissa!!!!

  2. :) I never know how to react to comments like that from my hubby. Always amazes me, too. All I know is, we have husbands that some women would give anything for!! I am definitely at my worst right now, yet hubby keeps loving me just the same. Sounds like they are doing a good job of holding up their end of "as Christ loved the church." Ummm... I may need to work on that submission part a tad more, though. LOL

  3. Unconditional love is a beautiful thing. Yay for you and your hubby.

  4. He's not blinded by love. That is love. Men view women much differently that we think they do.

  5. This is awesome. My husband is the same way and it's always baffled me. Lori has it right are different, and usually they prefer a little more curve than the world promotes as "beautiful".

    Good for your hubby and good for you! :)



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